Robotic Automation Helps Grow Whippany Actuation Systems

Whippany Actuation Systems, LLC manufactures electro-mechanical actuation components and subsystems for commercial and military aerospace applications. The Company offers flight control, landing gear and utility actuation components and systems. Whippany Actuation Systems serves clients in the United States.

Electromechanical aerospace actuators offer greater precision than hydraulic or pneumatic actuators and require less energy to operate, making them more cost-effective over the life of the system. Additionally, the fewer moving parts of these systems result in less maintenance required over time.

When demand increased for specialized parts, New Jersey-based manufacturer Whippany Actuation Systems knew they needed to increase production capacity quickly. However, the company preferred to keep manufacturing in-house and did not want to sink a large investment into a new CNC machine. Instead, the company invested in a collaborative robot that could tend their existing machines and allow them to run two additional unattended shifts. Since the introduction of the robotic solution, Whippany Actuation Systems has experienced dramatic increases in both production volume and revenue. This success story is a case study of how the right automation can help grow a business.