Train Museums NJ

Train lovers young and old will have a blast touring one of these cool train museums nj. From New York to Long Island, there are plenty of trains to check out for your kids or your family. These train museums nj provide you with the perfect place to learn about the history of this historic form of transportation while having fun and taking photos.

If you are a railroad buff or simply love trains, then the Morris County Central Railway Museum in Parsippany is the place for you. The museum is operated by volunteers and is a labor of love for the staff and visitors. The museum features a 1904 steam locomotive turntable, and dozens of historical railcars that are open to the public.

The Museum is also home to a world-class model railroad. It is a massive work of art that has been meticulously created and maintained by the museum’s dedicated volunteer staff. This incredible display takes up more than 300 square feet and is a feast for the eyes. You can spend hours just gazing at the intricate details of this train display. The model railroad was designed by Museum volunteer Bruce Williams and built by him over the course of 16 years. Its complexity is remarkable, and even non-train fans will find it mesmerizing.

In addition to the trains, there is an exhibit on railroad history and a collection of historical railroad artifacts. The museum offers a variety of tours, including a walking tour of the entire property and an excursion train ride. You can also visit the railroad’s gift shop, which sells a wide selection of train-related items.

A one-day ticket allows you to experience all the museum has to offer. You can climb aboard the 1890s train replica and take a leisurely ride around the museum grounds. This outdoor train ride offers beautiful scenery and a unique way to view the exhibits. The train will pass through several bridges, junctions and tunnels along the way.

Another highlight of this train museum is the Mega Model Train Gallery, which features an array of model trains crisscrossing a sprawling world-within-a-world. The model railroad includes a bustling city, small towns, countryside, waterfall and planetarium, among other things. The exhibit is complete with a stunning mural by artist Elan, and it adds a lot of color and excitement to this unique display.

The Museum also houses a unique collection of vintage cabooses from historic rail lines that once served the New Jersey and Metro Area. Visitors are welcome to board these train cars on select Sundays and take a relaxing and educational trip back in time.

The Museum is located in two buildings at the Wantagh and Riverhead sites. The Riverhead site features the original station and railroad dock, and the Greenport site has a passenger train platform and the original Wantagh post office. There is also a museum store, an interactive children’s room and a state-of-the-art train set that features 50 feet of O gauge track.