A Look at the History of Whippany, New Jersey

The Whippany Museum is a history-rich railroad museum dedicated to the town of Whippany, New Jersey. Established in 1873, the museum has been a source of interest to visitors, academics and researchers for more than three decades. There is a main wharf that is home to the many boats, yachts and other sea vessels that are on display. Other attractions include train rides, an electric locomotive and a replica of the Ferry Building, one of the world’s largest wooden skyscrapers. The Whippany Museum also includes a nature preserve that offers a look at the natural habitats of the region.

Whippany museum

A great way to get to the Whippany Museum and learn more about the region is to take a railroad excursion. There are several different types of railroad excursions available, including a railroad tour, a horseback trail ride, a bus tour or a member’s only club car tour. Members of the public can also join the “Ferry Run” in June and visit the Whippany Nail Company on Main Street in Le Roy, New Jersey. For those who would like to travel further afield, the New York Central Railroad depots the “Meadowlands Express.”

The Whippany Museum has several other activities available for visitors who want to explore the area around town as well as the history of the town itself. Tours of the early New Jersey towns give people the opportunity to see the past architecture and learn about the local culture. There are also several cultural events, like farmer’s markets, music festivals and book signings, held at the museum. In addition, there is a popular summer program, featuring free live music and fireworks every night, which is attended by hundreds of people.

The museum also offers a railroad night, “prints & cars,” in which the train derails in the track between the locomotive and the last train cart, creating a sort of traveling carnival. Train rides and desert nights are also offered at the site. Special events include train auctions, train rides and car auctions. The train depot was originally built between 1869 and the early part of the 20th century. It served as a grain elevator and a grain market until it was destroyed by fire in 1920.

Those who would like to see more of the town of Whippany can drive their car down the popular Spring Street where they will find the Whippany Central Park. The museum offers a free shuttle and taxi service, a ferry boat that runs along the scenic railroad treks. The museum features train displays, an operational steam engine, and exhibits on the Whippany and its American cousins. The museum also offers educational programs for children, adults and families.

For more adventure, take a Whippany on excursion railroad tour. The excursion railroad allows travelers to get up close and personal with the town of Whippany. This excursion railway takes travelers on four different excursions across three miles of Whippany County land. These excursions include a four-day trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains, a trip through the Catskills, and a day on the Finger Lakes region. This particular trip will take travelers up through the mountains of the Blue Ridge and will allow them to see some of the highest points in the area.