A Railway Museum is a Must-See For Train Enthusiasts

railway museum

A Railway Museum is a Must-See For Train Enthusiasts

If you’re a rail enthusiast, then you’ll want to spend some time at a railway museum. Visiting a Whippany Railway Museum in Morris County, New Jersey, will not only give you an insight into the history of the industry, but it’ll also give you a great opportunity to ride an excursion train. This railroad museum is located in the Whippany section of Hanover Township. It is the only railway museum in Morris County that provides an excursion train.

The railway museum contains a vast array of objects from the past, which you can see up close. Its earliest exhibits date back to 1880. In fact, the collection dates back to 1787. One exhibit is the Stockton and Darlington RailwayGaunless Bridge, which was used to help trains climb inclines. Another is a large-scale replica of the North Star. The Museum’s permanent exhibits feature a number of locomotives from the time the Great Western Railway started operating. The most impressive train is the Shannon, which was built in 1946.

In 1993, the New Haven Historical Museum, founded in 1868, needed a new home. Two brothers in New Haven donated six acres of land and a building, and the museum was reopened in July 1990. In 1999, the museum acquired a branch line of the L&N, which CSX planned to abandon between Mount Vernon and Boston. The Bingham Foundation and a state grant helped the museum purchase the 17-mile-long line, which it used to restore locomotive #152.

During the summer, the Railway Museum hosts several hands-on family events. A four-6-2 steam locomotive, cut in half, is on display. A Japanese Shinkansen bullet train, Queen Victoria’s royal carriage and a miniature railway also make up the exhibits on display. During winter, the Museum offers an indoor and outdoor children’s area, which is a great place for children to spend a sunny afternoon. There are also many outdoor areas for picnicking and relaxing.

The National Railway Museum is home to a number of historic steam locomotives. Among its most famous exhibits is a historic locomotive, which was constructed in 1847. It is the only remaining bar-framed locomotive in Britain. During WWII, the engine was destroyed during the bombing rain, but has since been restored. During the summer, the Museum hosts events for children. During the summer months, the Railway Museum is open for tours and displays.

There are many hands-on exhibits at the Railway Museum, including a four-six-foot-long 1949 BART locomotive, a 1960s Shinkansen bullet train, and a miniature railway. In addition to the train layouts, the museum also offers a variety of hands-on family activities, including a model railroad. There is also a large outdoor playground. The grounds of the Illinois Railway Museum are well worth the visit, so you can spend some time outdoors and enjoy the sights and sounds.