A Thrilling Day Out at the Whippany Museum in Hanover

Whippany museum

A Thrilling Day Out at the Whippany Museum in Hanover

The Whippany Museum is a railroad museum dedicated to the state’s popular and long-distance passenger railroad, which originated in New York City and eventually spread to the rest of the United States, Canada and many other countries. Tourists who enjoy locomotives can visit the museum for a one-of-a-kind experience that includes information about the history of the Whippany and its close ties with America. There is an enormous amount of memorabilia on display as well as an extensive collection of model locomotives and the artifacts that go with them. The Whippany has been a part of American and Canadian history for over a century, and is still a source of pride for many of those who live in and around the area. A railway tour of the entire system is available, and visitors can see the layouts for themselves.

Those interested in a closer look at the history of the Whippany can take a train ride on the New York Central Railroad which operated between Brooklyn and New York City. The original line was established by engineer Oscar Koss. It continued to serve as a transport line for New York City until it was closed iniders.

Over the years the original depot, built in 1890, has undergone several changes. The original depot was changed into a food market and grocery before turning back to its original function as a freight house. Today the depot is run as a museum. Tourists can step foot onto the freight house where they can learn about the daily work that went into keeping the Whippany running. There is also a new interpretive center that provides educational information about the railroad. Tourists can learn about the importance of the New Jersey railroads to New York’s economy.

Those who want a closer look at the history of the Whippany can take a trip back in time to the very beginning. To do so they can visit the last train service that ran from Philadelphia to New York City. While there they can view a train chugging through the tunnel that connected New York and New Jersey. This was the first “through the tunnel” train service. People who travel from New Jersey to New York will be able to view this spectacular event.

Many people visit the Whippany because of the many stories about the towns residents. For example, there is a town named Wheatley who has been described as the birthplace of Bob Dylan. If one takes a Whippany museum trip along with their group of friends or family members, they can learn more about the early days of the rock n roll star. During the excursion train ride in Hanover, NJ there is a chance to meet Bob Dylan and other legendary musicians.

Anyone looking for a unique getaway option in New Jersey will find that the Whippany offers a variety of activities and lodging options. For example, during the fall there is the New Jersey Pumpkin Festival. The festival is not held on the same date every year but rather is decided only once a year by a committee. In late September or early October the annual Fall Whippany Arts and Crafts Festival will take place at the historic John C. Maxwell House. This outdoor festival includes several different activities including costume parades, workshops, lectures by local artists and performers, pumpkin carving competitions, and an art fair.