Art and Museums – Exhibiting the Humanities

A museum is a structure designed to exhibit objects of significance and aesthetic value. Most public museums maintain collections of objects and artifacts of varying value and interest to the general public. Some of these museums have collections of objects that span various time periods and genres. Other museums are devoted to particular areas such as art, science, and history.


The Magna Carta Museum in Barcelona, Spain is one example of an upcoming event that will focus on human history and archeology. The museum will feature objects from the last seven centuries that represent the cultural diversity of the era. The upcoming event…

The museum will celebrate the eighth “Millennium of the First Century”, which marks the rise of the Christian calendar. In addition to the millennium anniversary, the museum will feature works from artists belonging to different eras in human history. An exhibition called “Sessions” will focus on early Christianity and its impact on the Middle Ages. This exhibition will tell the story of how this transition occurred. The exhibition features works by well-known artists such as Titian, Hans Memling, and Hans Holbein.

Another planned attraction at the museum will be the “Museums: A Century of Progress”, which will feature a chronological presentation of advancements in human knowledge. This will mark the thirteenth century. Additionally, the museum will house artifacts from the thirteenth century on. This will include such pieces as needlepoint samplers, aurochre, and other items.

When human history is considered, it often brings to mind the works of Picasso, Monet, or Georges Braque. These and other great artists have impacted humanity with their art, and their contributions can be seen in various museums around the world. If you are interested in having an art event at the museum, event planners can help you plan a series of related activities that will highlight these and other great artists.

One such event planned for the museum would be the “Picasso Picasso” exhibit. The event planners have consulted with many experts in the field of art to create an exhibit that highlights this legendary artist’s life. Other possible activities could include a question and answer session, musical interludes, and even a video tribute to Picasso. In all, this museum event will allow museum guests to experience a glimpse of the progression of art through the centuries. Whatever your interests, the event planners at the Museum of Arts & Science in San Diego will be able to help you make your event a success.