Discover West End Entertainment With a Train Ride on Exhibits in London

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Discover West End Entertainment With a Train Ride on Exhibits in London

Join the Vintage Western Railway Museum today. Visiting the West End of London and the famous London Piccadilly Circus area with your family is an exciting and enjoyable way to spend a day. Attending the West End of the London Underground is one of the best ways to get away from it all.

Join the Vintage Western Railway Museum as part of a group tour of London. By joining santa, you can take in a whole day exploring this historic underground station, which has been operational since 1830. Not only are you helping support the popular vintage trains rescue project, you can also enjoy some unique advantages and great opportunities only open to VIP members.

Experience the thrill of a steam locomotive journey up and down the River Thames in the Vintage London Suburbs Holiday. This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience steam powered technology in a truly amazing historic venue. Passengers travelling on the vintage London suburban railway will be treated to a spectacular view of the River Thames at Victoria, South Kensington and London City. You can then return to the comfortable surroundings of the train station. The Vintage London Suburbs Holiday runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and this is an exceptional opportunity to see this beautiful part of London and beyond.

Get to know more about London’s history through The Collectible London Steam Train Exhibition. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see steam locomotives and other classic steam engines as they were used during the First World War. The London Steam Train Exhibition is held at Big Ben, and visitors can come on the day when the train is not running, or on the following Saturday, Sunday or Monday. The exhibition offers a wide variety of attractions to explore, and features some of the most impressive examples of British rail transport. The London Steam Train Exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to view a steam locomotive and other examples of early British railway technology.

Enjoy an afternoon of mystery at the London Eye. The London Eye is located within the London Metropassage Museum and is open to the public for tourist guided tours and events. Designed as an open sky museum, the London Eye features five exhibits that are powered by electricity. The attraction will provide visitors with a unique chance to view some of the most famous landmarks in London and across the United Kingdom, as well as the ability to enjoy exceptional views over the Thames.

Enjoy a train ride aboard historic railway equipment in a brand new West End production of ‘Camelot’. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the film follows the misfortunes of the English Kings towards the end of their reign. If you enjoy fun and humor, the Camelot film is definitely a must see. To get aboard this unique production, all you need to do is follow the instructions found on the official website. For more information on other West End production, visit the official website for the dates and times of different performances available at the time of your visit.