Find a Steam Train Museum Outside of Boston

steam train museum

If you’re looking for an indoor steam train museum, you may not be able to find a good one. But if you’re a rail enthusiast, it’s possible to find one outside. This museum displays 33 steam locomotives that were built between 1891 and 1951. The oldest is made by the British company Stephenson, but there are also steam engines made by Henschel, Maffei, Borsig, BMAG, MBA, Krupp, Humbold, and Vulcan Iron Works.

Steam locomotives

If you love old steam locomotives, you’ll love the steam train museum in Schiefe Ebene. There’s a steam locomotive, Mallet #227, that you can climb inside and sit in. It’s also home to an antique steam crane. In addition, there are displays about railway history and a large model railway layout themed around the town of Schiefe Ebene.

During its time in service, this locomotive broke the steam speed record by nearly a hundred miles per hour. Its unique design allowed it to climb steep mountain slopes. It had an underside that was fitted with a toothed cog wheel that connected to a stationary rack rail on the track. This helped the train climb the mountain and provided braking power on the way down.

Their design

The Swindon Steam Railway Museum is one of the most famous steam train museums in the world. It is composed of a railway village, a teaching and information path that runs along the steeply-inclined railway line, and a museum set in a roundhouse. The museum recreates the life of the local people when steam technology was introduced to the area. It features exhibits on new occupations, technologies, and more.

Their maintenance

The Steam Train Museum is in need of a special fund for locomotive maintenance. The admission proceeds to the Museum are insufficient to maintain the Museum’s operating locomotives. Steam locomotives require machine work, castings, and specialized parts that cannot be afforded by admission prices alone. In addition, one of the Museum’s steam engines is scheduled to undergo a major overhaul in 2021.

Their future

The steam museum has two railways. One was built by Alan Bloom, a founder of the museum. The other was built by a group of volunteers. Its mission is to promote railway travel among children. In addition, it helps protect the environment and preserve heritage. The steam train museum is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.