How Whippany Actuation Systems Helps Customers Achieve Their Goals

For more than 75 years, Whippany Actuation Systems has served the aerospace industry by designing and manufacturing electromechanical actuation components. As an innovation partner, we deliver quality performance and advance the transition to a more fuel-efficient, electric aircraft. Learn about the company and how we help our customers achieve their goals. Listed below are a few of the companies we work with. Also, check out our list of awards and recognition.

Robotiq 2-Finger 85 Gripper

The Robotiq 2-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper is designed for installation on automated machinery and robots. Before using the Gripper, it is important to understand the safety regulations in your region and nation. The following table lists the safety requirements for Grippers and their controls. You should also familiarize yourself with the specifications of your Robotiq Controller. You can also refer to the manual for a comprehensive list of accessories.

The Gripper uses an embedded controller that enables the user to control the robot via high-level commands. The robot will indicate whether it has successfully picked an object or not. Upon detection, it will close, holding the object until the limit is reached. Ensure that you have read and understood the manual completely before using the Gripper. If you are unsure, contact your Robotiq representative for assistance.

CNC machine

When faced with the need to automate the production process for a CNC machine, Whippany Actuation Systems considered both outsourcing and purchasing a new CNC machine. The company also considered automation with a Universal Robots-based solution. Today, the company employs about 170 workers and produces high-quality specialized parts for manufacturing industries. Its new automated solution will save the company time and money, while increasing productivity and capacity.

In addition to manufacturing specialized linear electrochemical actuation systems, Whippany also designs and manufactures a variety of other electronic servo controls. The company is based in New Jersey and currently employs over 170 people. To increase efficiency and decrease costs, the company started looking for new ways to automate production and reduced the number of employees. Universal Robots were a great fit for the company, because they are programmable, do not require traditional guarding and deliver superior performance.

Need for a robot

When Patrick Cain, a gear machinist at Whippany, converted blanks into gears, he needed a more efficient way to do so. To achieve this, he would deburr gears and use another machine to finish the other side. He was in need of a robotic arm that could open a door, reach inside the CNC machine, and pick up the part.

The Whippany Actuator Systems, which designs and builds electromechanical components, sought to upgrade its manufacturing processes. The company wanted to add more capacity and achieve world-class manufacturing standards. The goal was to become a global player and strengthen its workforce. However, the company was concerned about the long-term impact of the decision. After all, a mistake can demolish the positive reputation that has been established through years of hard work.