Make the Most of Your Visit to a Train Station and the City That Surrounds It

railway station

You’ve likely seen pictures of the Liverpool Road Station, Paddington, or Euston stations – but have you ever visited a York railway station? Or perhaps you’ve wanted to visit a historic city, but aren’t sure what to expect when you get there. Well, this article will show you how to make the most of your visit to a train station and the city that surrounds it. It will also provide a brief history of these iconic locations.

Liverpool Road Station

If you’re looking for a place to visit in Manchester, look no further than Liverpool Road Station. Built in 1830, it was the world’s first intercity railway terminus. It was one of two termini on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, and still stands as one of the oldest termini in the world. Though it may not be the most attractive building in the city, its distinctive architecture is worth a visit.


Originally opened in 1854, Paddington Railway Station has undergone several major improvements. In the 1960s, a major refurbishment was carried out, retaining the existing service and restoring Brunel’s original design. More recently, a new concourse was added, along with signage and customer information systems. Listed Grade II, Paddington continues to be one of London’s premier transport hubs. A walk through the station offers a unique and historical perspective of London’s transport infrastructure.


Euston railway station is the central London terminus. Located in the London Borough of Camden, it is operated by Network Rail. The station is also the southern terminus of the West Coast Main Line, the UK’s busiest inter-city railway. Euston is one of the most important rail hubs in Europe, with over 3 million passengers passing through each year. With its convenient location and excellent services, Euston is the perfect place to start exploring London.

York’s Toft Green

Located on the East Coast Main Line, York’s Toft Green railway station is an essential location for the city of Yorck. The station is 188 miles north of London King’s Cross. It’s surrounded by the towns of Doncaster to the south and Thirsk to the north. With its convenient location, you can travel to and from York on a train within just 15 minutes.

Liverpool Street’s bag station

If you’re travelling to the city and need to store your bags for the duration of your trip, you can use Liverpool Street’s Baggage Storage. You can find the location of the station and book online. Alternatively, you can visit the Excess Baggage office, located by platform 10.