Must See Malls Around the World

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Must See Malls Around the World

The Museum of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities (MIA) – Cairo, Egypt Part of the Egyptian tourism package, the Museum of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities is located at Giza, Egypt. One of the oldest museums in North Africa the Museum of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities houses more than 120,000 antique artifacts and the richest collection of Pharaonic antiquities worldwide. The museum was commissioned by the Egyptian authorities in hope to prevent the further loot of several archeological and historical sites. It was built to be a centre for archeology, history, arts, engineering and medicine along with a library. It also aims to raise awareness on archeology to the general public.

The Museum of Contemporary Art – Los Angeles, California Another fascinating museum that showcases contemporary art across the globe is the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, California. The museum exhibits a variety of artwork that ranges from modern to classical and abstract. In addition to that it also showcases a wide range of other genres including ceramics, photography, metalworks, and furniture. Exhibitions are regularly organized to bring more people in the theme of contemporary art.

The St. Petersburg Aquarium and Museum of Natural History – Tampa Bay, Florida One of Florida’s premier natural history museums, the St. Petersburg Aquarium and Museum of Natural History is home to thousands of aquatic species. The aquarium was founded in 1931 as an important component of the natural history museum. The museum features collections ranging from marine life to insects, from giant Squid to tortoise. Exhibits and lectures are regularly held in order to enlighten visitors and increase interest in marine life.

The Museum of Modern Art – Los Angeles, California Another famous modern art museum, the Museum of Modern Art is another in a line of great museums and galleries that showcase different kinds of art. The Museum of Modern Art houses one of the largest and most diverse contemporary art collections in the world. Many celebrities and other famous personalities visit the museum each year. This is one of the most popular attractions for visitors to Los Angeles.

The Saachi Inns – Tokyo, Japan One of Japan’s most famous cultural icons, the Saachi Inns is a museum all its own. Consisting of over two thousand works of art, the museum presents original Japanese prints, wood carving, rice paper sculptures, metalworks, jewelries, silverworks, and a number of other cultural art pieces. Visitors can see paintings byvan Gogh, Robert Rauschenberg, August Burlberg, Morris Louis, Kennet Noland, Jasper Johns, Frank Lloyd Wright, and many others.

The Beijing Exhibition and National Art Gallery – China There is no doubt that China has a thriving and ever expanding culture and it is reflected in their various museums, exhibits, and exhibition halls that are some of the most impressive in the whole world. If you are looking for rare and unique collectibles, rare antiques, or antique works of art, you will not be disappointed when you visit the Beijing Exhibition and National Art Gallery. This Chinese museum is home to an array of relics from ancient times, including porcelain dolls from the Tang Dynasty, jade, and even paper mache. The museum also features a vast collection of oriental art and architecture, as well as scores of original paintings and sculptures from various artists.