New Jersey Rail Museums

If you’re looking for a family day out in New Jersey, take the kids to a rail museum. The Whippany Railway Museum offers excursion train rides as well as a museum. This railroad is located in Whippany, a section of Hanover Township in Morris County. It also features a model railroad museum and a working railroad. Whether you’re interested in trains or just the history behind them, you’re sure to enjoy a trip to a rail museum.

Whippany Railway Museum

If you are looking for a unique way to spend a day in New Jersey, take a ride on the Whippany Railway Museum train. This railway museum is located in the Whippany section of Hanover Township in Morris County. You can even take an excursion train ride, if you so desire. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday, and admission is free. For more information, visit the website. To plan your visit to Whippany Railway Museum, click here.

In addition to the museum’s many fascinating exhibits, you can take a trip down memory lane by taking a ride on one of the museum’s special train rides. The museum even has a wall featuring newspaper articles and pictures from those special train rides. You can even visit the train yard and see some of the old railroad cars that were restored by the museum. To make your visit to the Whippany Railway Museum even more memorable, make sure to check out their online store to browse the collection.

Northlandz model railroad museum

If you have ever been fascinated by railroads, you’ve probably heard of the Northlandz model railroad museum. Founded by Bruce Williams Zaccagnino, this layout was inspired by real-life railroads. Located in Connecticut, the museum contains model trains and historical buildings that illustrate the lives of people in this area of the country. The layout contains over 70 buildings and more than 20,000 pieces of model railroad track.

The museum’s main draw is a tour of the model trains on display. It has eight miles of tracks, more than 400 tunnels, and intricate scenes that spiral up and down the museum’s multiple levels. Among the most impressive exhibits are the cities, towns, and villages, as well as canyons and 30-foot mountains. Kids will be awestruck by the view of a multi-story canyon.

Morris County Central Railroad Museum

The Whippany Railway Museum in Hanover Township, New Jersey, is a railway museum and excursion train ride. It is in the Whippany section of Hanover Township, Morris County, New Jersey. Located in the town of Whippany, New Jersey, the museum is located in the heart of a quaint industrial village. Visitors can take the scenic train ride and learn about the history of rail transportation in the area.

The Morris County Central Railroad began in Whippany, New Jersey, in 1965 as a steam excursion train. In 1967, the employees of the Morristown & Erie Railroad formed the Morris County Central Railroad Museum, which was housed in part of the company’s freight house. From 1967 to 1973, the Morris County Central Railroad Museum was a destination for thousands of railfans. After the railroad moved to Newfoundland, NJ, the museum operated at its current location.

Underground Railroad Museum

While not literally underground, the Underground Railroad was a covert network of abolitionists who smuggled runaway slaves into the free northern states. In Burlington City, New Jersey, one of these safe houses was a 1731 pharmacy. This building was connected to a number of other safe houses by the riverbank. It was owned by Alvin Calloway, who has been collecting African-American history since he was nine years old. Today, he operates the Underground Railroad Museum in Burlington County.

The museum features an interactive exhibit that lets visitors step into the world of fugitives and witness the first-hand accounts of the journeys. Visitors can explore a replica of an abolitionist’s house in Philadelphia, and learn more about the lives of fugitives who made it out of slavery in New Jersey. The fugitives in New Jersey included William Still, a black abolitionist who operated the Underground Railroad. New Jersey was also a vital part of the Underground Railroad movement. Its all-black communities served as sanctuaries for fugitives.