New Jersey’s Largest Railway Museum

Whippany museum

New Jersey’s Largest Railway Museum

The Whippany Museum is a state-of-the-art historic railroad tour and railroad museum located within the historic Whippany segment of Hanover Township in Morris County, New Jersey, United States. This two-mile long track, one-way Whippany line, is open to the public and includes three stations. It is operated by the New Jersey Transit Administration (NJPTA) and is one of the New Jersey train museums. The Whippany is one of the New Jersey’s prominent five million dollar museums. It was built in 1931 and is one of the seven New Jersey attractions that is listed on the New Jersey High School Children’s Museum Register.

The Whippany museum was built around the model town of Whippany. This station of the New Jersey Transit Railroad is a part of the West Branch of the New York Central Railroad. The train stops at the end of each miles of track. A ticket will cost you fifty cents and it is valid for the entire trip. The train that stops at the end of the line is the first New Jersey train.

There are many train rides and tours available in this New Jersey tourism destination. The Whippany museum has the world’s first nine passenger, steel and diesel-powered electric locomotive, which travels between Philadelphia and New York. There are other attractions like the Thomas Edison House and the Thomas Edison Memorial. There are also other attractions like the peanut festival, a free concert, and farmer’s market, a summer food festival, and theater performances.

There are other exciting activities and adventures in and around the New Jersey side of the town of Whippany. There is the Thomasville Railroad Club Car Show which has two different kinds of model railroad cars. You can also get to see train clubs in the town of Whippany.

One day, we were going to visit the Thomasville Railroad Club and ride the electric trolley that goes around the tracks in the town. While there, we would have to purchase tickets to go on the New Jersey Transit train. We were really excited since it was supposed to be only for adults but they wouldn’t let anyone under twelve on the train! So we bought our tickets and went on board. It was very exciting! We were allowed to sit on the front seat and enjoy the view as the train approached New York.

The New Jersey Railway Museum has lots of information about the New Jersey Railway Museum and it’s exciting train rides. It is an ideal place to spend a vacation if you want to learn more about New Jersey’s heritage. If you are looking for a place where you can have the same experience as we had, then the New Jersey Railway Museum in West Orange is the place for you.