Pros and Cons of a Museum All Over the World

museum all over the world

Pros and Cons of a Museum All Over the World

Question: My friend wants me to help him start a museum and I really want to help him do it but I am not very experienced in that field. Should I contribute to his museum or he should fund it? Thanks!

Answer: Don’t worry if you don’t know much about running a museum. Museums are all over the word and they attract thousands of visitors a year. The rich have museums of all sizes and many are well equipped. The rich also like to use modern technology such as computerized scanning and high resolution photography to display their paintings and artifacts.

There is a limit to how big a museum can be based on its budget. If your friend’s museum needs five hundred thousand dollars to start he should be able to get it done within three to four years using traditional means such as construction loans, grants, public contributions and private contributions. On the other hand if his museum only requires twenty-five thousand dollars to open then it is possible that the traditional ways of building the museum would not be sufficient such as using the government’s allocated funds and borrowing from banks and other institutions. You can easily conclude that building an art museum requires a lot of financing.

So, if traditional methods are not applicable such as traditional loans and grants, what options do you have? Well, the answer is Museum all over the World. This is a good way to attract visitors especially if you already have other museums that attract visitors from all over the world and this one is particularly designed to showcase contemporary art. Another option is to use your home or office as exhibit halls and attract people by inviting them to view your collection of antique instruments and paintings. This will ensure that you earn the revenue that you need to support your art museum.

There are a few cons of Museum all over the World exhibitions. One of these is that it is quite expensive to organize such an exhibition especially if the subject of your museum is not popular or the subject is very sensitive like art pieces from the Middle East. But if your museum subject is popular then this is the best way to gain public support for the institution. Even if you do not display your most popular works in your exhibition, the exhibition can at least be a catalyst to get more visitors to see your other works in the future.

The other pros of having a Museum all around the World include the fact that you can reach to a wider audience and you can be exposed to a wider variety of visitors. If you are located in New York, London or Paris, then it will be easy for you to travel to other parts of the globe and display your work there. As your visitor base expands so does the scope of your art museum exhibitions. So if you want to increase the number of visitors to your museum, then exhibit abroad would be the best option. You can also easily expand your budget for such an exhibition.