The Best of New Jersey and New York

The Whippany Museum is a train tour and railroad museum located in the Whippany section of Hanover Township just outside of Morris County, New Jersey, United States, dedicated to the history of the town of Whippany. The two-day tour is very educational and entertaining for people of all ages. The museum has an extensive collection of civil war artifacts and memorabilia. This train experience is made up of two stations that are extremely close to each other and offer scenic views of the railroad treks. You can travel by train from New York City to Boston or Washington D. C.

The first station you will visit is the depot that served passengers as far back as the Civil War. This depot was built in 1857 and serves as one of the only remaining examples of an original steam locomotive. The locomotive, Locust, hauled freight to New England destinations, and stopped in various towns along the way. Today, it serves as a visitor center for the town. Another Whippany museum excursion railroad is the Lincolnville branch line which runs between Springfield, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The train displays the history of the Oregon & Atlantic Railroad, the U.S. Western Railroad, and the New Jersey Transit Company.

Your second stop on your excursions to the Whippany Museum is the Thomas Edison excursion. Here you will tour the birthplace of the man known as one of the inventors of the electric light bulb. You will also see the final working model of the electric chair and learn how the same technology transformed the world. In addition to this excursion, there are also other activities available to children and adults alike. Children can enjoy paintball, a luge, and go on the America’s Next Top Model Tour. An excursion to the Thomas Edison museum gives visitors a chance to view the inventor’s personal library and to meet the person who created the telephone.

For an excursion into Whippany country during the weekdays, visitors can take the train out of New Jersey and take it to the borough of Linden. On Mondays, the train leaves from Linden and visits the town of Scotch Plains. There are several activities on board the train, including the opportunity to ride the train over the hills that surround Scotch Plains and see the countryside up close. You can also tour the various stores in Scotch Plains and get a feel for the community. Each Monday and Tuesday, the train departs from Scotch Plains for New York City, making several stops along the way to visit other communities in New Jersey and New York City.

The fourth stop on your Whippany museum excursion railroad is the historic ERIE freight house. The former rail depot and passenger terminal was torn down in 1998, but the site was left untouched. Today, visitors can tour the depot and experience the industrial past of New Jersey and New York. If you have never visited the erie freight house, don’t be afraid: the information in this article should help lead you to make the right decision. You may also want to go on to learn more about the history of the rail industry in New Jersey and New York City.

The final stop on your Whippany museum trip is the final leg of the journey: the Thomasville transportation museum. The Thomasville station was destroyed in a severe storm in 1969; however, a new train station was built in its place. The Whippany museum features memorabilia from the excursions that you have enjoyed in New York and New Jersey. The last train tour in New Jersey will end with the New York State Thruway Authority’s Thruway Heritage Center in West Orange. The centerpiece of the tour is the depot itself, which has recently been restored to its former glory.