The Best Rail Museums in New Jersey

rail museum nj

If you’re a train buff and want to travel back in time to when the railroad ruled America, you can do so at numerous rail museums nj. Whether you’re interested in seeing historical train stations or model railroads that showcase miniature fantasy-lands, there’s something for every rail enthusiast in New Jersey.

The Whippany Railway Museum, located in the historic 1904 freight house, features an outstanding collection of rail and transportation artifacts along with dozens of historic railcars. In fact, the Museum is home to one of the largest collections of American-built standard gauge steam locomotives displayed in New Jersey. Among the highlights are Southern Railway No. 385, built in 1907 for fast freight service; Texaco Fireless Cooker No. 7240, built in 1937 for industrial switching duty; and U.S. Army No. 4039, built in 1942 for World War II service.

In addition to the Museum’s impressive collection of cars, there are a number of railroad-themed exhibits to see. Guests can experience the fully restored observation lounge car from the 20th Century Limited, a plush tavern-lounge car from the New England States Limited, and railroad cabooses.

The Museum also displays a large, operating O-Gauge model railroad layout. A visit to the Museum’s outdoor exhibits is also worth it, as the grounds feature a variety of railroad equipment, including signals and warning devices and replicas of railroad buildings. The Museum is also the site of the classic water tank used to fill the tenders of steam locomotives, and it’s believed to be the only one of its kind remaining in its original location.

Visiting the Museum is an educational and fun family outing that’s guaranteed to spark conversation for years to come. In addition to the museum’s many cars, visitors can also see a variety of historical photographs and other historical artifacts in its exhibition hall. The Museum also offers special train rides to keep the spirit of railroading alive for everyone.

While it’s possible to take a train ride to the Museum, it’s recommended that you call ahead and reserve a ticket in advance. Upon arrival, guests will be asked to present their ticket or membership card at the ticket window to gain access to the attraction. Employees of participating organizations receive free admission to the Museum for themselves and two guests.

Taking the train is another great option for getting to the museum, and the Grove Street bound Light Rail stops at Washington St & Warren St. From there it’s a short walk to the Museum.