The Definition of a Museum


The definition of a museum has changed over time. What exactly is a museum, and what is its purpose? In this article, we’ll explore the changing definition of a museum, its characteristics, and funding sources. By the end, we’ll have a clearer idea of what a museum is and why it’s important.

Open-air museums

Open-air museums are a unique way to experience history and learn about everyday life in the past. These museums typically take place in large parks near major cities. They imitate a historical village setting and encourage visitors to stroll around and explore the various exhibits. They collect items from all over the world and reassemble them in authentic settings. The displays often include original furniture and local residents dressed in their traditional attire. The museum also offers interactive experiences.


Ecomuseums are museums that focus on the identity of a particular place, and are largely based on community participation. Their primary objective is to improve the well-being of the community. The concept of the ecomuseum originated in France, where Georges Henri Rivière and Hugues de Varine pioneered the idea in 1971.