The ICOM Definition of a Museum


The ICOM Definition of a Museum

A museum is a place where people can view and learn about history and culture. Many museums preserve and care for a collection of cultural or historical objects, which are then displayed in exhibits. These exhibits may be permanent or temporary. In addition to permanent collections, museums may also host traveling exhibitions. There are many different types of museums, including art museums, natural history museums, and historical museums. The following are the most popular types of museums.

The ICOM has proposed a universal definition of a museum, but the definition has been in dispute since the early 18th century. Despite the ICOM’s efforts, the definition of a museum has not changed. Its first attempt at a universal definition was a failure, and a new committee was formed to work out a more comprehensive definition. While no agreement was reached on a definition for a museum, the process of creating a new one is ongoing.

The process has two phases: consultation 1 and consultation 2. The consultation phase allows committees to share their own ideas on how to improve the definition of a museum. The next phase of the ICOM definition of a museum will take place in 2022, at the next ICOM General Conference. The first phase of this process is based on feedback from the consultation. The second phase will include a vote at the ICOM General Conference, which will be held in 2022.

The process has made progress on the ICOM definition. A second phase, a public consultation, will take place in the next few years. The next phase of the ICOM definition will include the ICOM General Conference in 2022. In addition to the two consultations, the process will move toward the definition of a museum. This process will have four rounds of consultation. Once the first round of consultation is completed, the committee will then present the proposed definition for the ICOM General Conference.

The new definition of a museum is the most important step in this process. It will be important to clarify the difference between a museum and a cultural institution. In a general, a museum is a public institution, which means that it is open to the public. The ICOM definition is also important for the protection of cultural heritage. The museum will ensure the protection of the collections of a society. Its members will be able to learn more about history and culture from the new ICOM definition of a museum.

The new definition of a museum must be based on societal needs and values. In the past, the museum has become a vehicle for external goals and objectives. In a society, the museum must be an agent of change. Hence, the new definition of a modern museum should address a variety of issues. There is a wide range of public and cultural organizations. The definition of a modern museum should be inclusive of all types of people.