The Rail Museum in Whippany, NJ, Offers Excursions on a 19th-Century Steam Engine

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If you want to see some old steam locomotives in NJ, then a trip to the rail museum in Whippany might be the perfect way to spend the afternoon. The museum is located in the Whippany section of Hanover Township in Morris County. You can take an excursion train ride while you’re there.

Excursion Train Rides

For a fascinating excursion train ride, head to the Whippany Railway Museum in Morris County, New Jersey. This railway museum is located in the Whippany section of Hanover Township, Morris County. The museum offers excursions on a 19th-century steam locomotive.

The scenic train rides last about an hour and fifteen minutes and feature a 10-minute layover. This time is perfect for exploring the museum or gift shop. Some excursions feature extended trips over recently restored track. Tickets are priced according to age and length of ride.

Collection of steam locomotives

One of the things to do in Whippany, New Jersey, is to take an excursion train ride to the Whippany Railway Museum. This museum is located in the Whippany section of Hanover Township, in Morris County, New Jersey. You can board a steam locomotive and learn about the history of the railway.

The URHS has two preserved GG1 steam locomotives. One was restored in the 1990s, while the other is on loan from NJ Transit. The GG1s primarily served in the New York to South Amboy service. The GG1s were repainted by NJ Transit in 1981 and 1991 in a 1930s-style paint scheme. Both locomotives now reside in URHS’s Boonton Yard.

Location along right-of-way of Morristown & Erie Railway

In the early 1970s, the Morristown & Erie Railway’s management became increasingly strained. The railroad decided to lease a 10-mile stretch of trackage from the New York, Susquehanna, and Western Railroad, which ran between Newfoundland, NY, and Beaver Lake, NJ. The railroad’s operations were packed and moved along this railroad line, which took four months to complete.

Preservation of Lackawanna Dining Car

The Lackawanna Dining Car, a historic electric MU car, has been on display at the New Jersey Rail Museum since 2012. The museum’s collection is unique because it is one of only three such vehicles. These vehicles were designed to be used by the railroad’s customers. In addition, the Lackawanna is a prime example of the evolution of interurban transportation.

The Lackawanna Dining Car is an example of the early development of rail transportation in New Jersey. Its interior is filled with artifacts from its past. The Lackawanna is one of the earliest examples of an electric multiple-unit car, and it was built in 1930 by Pullman. It ran on the high-voltage direct current system, which was developed by NJ resident Thomas Edison. The Lackawanna operated for more than five decades, passing through the hands of Erie Lackawanna, Conrail, and NJ Transit. It was retired in August 1984 and the museum has a long-term plan to preserve the car for display.