The Rail Museum NJ Is a Must-See For Train Enthusiasts

In New Jersey, there are plenty of train rides to choose from. The Whippany Railway Museum, for example, operates a loop track within Allaire State Park and owns a 1904 freight house that houses their collection of historical railroad equipment. They offer a variety of train ride experiences throughout the year, including a Warren County Winery Train, Great Pumpkin Train, and River & Steam Train.

The museum also features an impressive model train gallery that can be explored by guests. They can marvel at a massive, 4,000-square-foot model train layout, complete with over 100 trains that are constantly moving and crisscrossing 8 miles of track. The display is home to thousands of buildings and hundreds of bridges and mountains of varying sizes. Additionally, the museum features a 94 room dollhouse for guests to admire.

Guests can also learn about the history of railroads by visiting the museum’s collection of artifacts. The exhibits showcase the equipment that was used in different eras of railway travel, such as the items used in dining cars and the manners of station agents. They can also learn about the work that goes into keeping a train running, as well as the different types of locomotives and how they are maintained.

Rail museum nj is also home to an impressive locomotive that has been in service for decades. The GP40PH-2 No. 4101 was one of the original 13 passenger steam heat-equipped locomotives purchased by the State of New Jersey in 1968. The Museum recently restored this iconic locomotive to its original paint scheme from 1979 to about 1980, when NJ TRANSIT adopted a new corporate identity for the railroad.

This model represents a significant milestone in the long-held dream of having a working railroad museum in New Jersey. The Society is continuing to work on its mission to outfit a building in Boonton, NJ, with enough space for up to 65 historic trains representing the diversity of our state’s rich railroad history.

As a non-profit, the Museum depends on the support of its members. Their memberships help cover operating costs and allow the Museum to continue offering innovative, accessible education programs and unforgettable experiences for visitors of all ages. Members can also enjoy unique benefits such as free admission to the museum and discounts on ticket prices for special events.

The museum’s volunteers are vital to its success, and they strive to keep the historic buildings in the best possible condition for future generations to experience. Those who are interested in volunteering can contact the Museum for more information.