The Steam Train Museum in Portland, Maine

steam train museum

The steam train museum is the place to go if you want to see a large variety of steam locomotives from all over the United States. It also houses a model railroad and other interesting items related to transportation.

This small, family run museum is a great place to learn about railroad history and the people who worked on the railways in the past. Its collection of locomotives and cabooses are well organized with many different displays that show the progression of railroading from the early days to the modern era.

It also has a reconstructed freight station that is fully functional with several types of railcars and exhibits to view. The train museum is a volunteer run effort and the people here do an excellent job of sharing their love of trains.

They are always updating and improving their museum to make it a fun, educational experience for everyone who comes in. The volunteers are very friendly and passionate about telling their story.

If you want to travel back in time, you can take a ride on an authentic 1900-era two foot gauge railroad at the WW&F Railroad and Museum. It is a great way to get a history lesson while having fun and taking in the scenery of Maine.

The quaint little museum features a number of antique cars and trains as well as a small train station and a great staff. They are very friendly and welcoming, especially to the younger visitors. They are very dedicated to the cause of preserving this unique part of Maine’s history.

I had a great time visiting the WW&F Railroad. The people here are really nice and they are very passionate about the history of this 2 foot gauge railroad. They also have an hour long train ride on a 125 year old steam engine. It was very interesting to ride the train and see all the equipment and sounds of the era.

Another good museum is the National Museum of Transportation in St. Louis. It has the largest collection of steam locomotives in the country and is a must stop for any enthusiast of the steam engine.

It is located in southwestern St. Louis near Kirkwood. It has a model railroad, a real life-size railroad train track, and a large collection of historic locomotives.

They have a big display of a large variety of steam locomotives from the American west, as well as some from other parts of the country. You can see an UP Big Boy, a CN 4-8-2, an AT&SF 2-10-4, and a C&O 2-8-4 among others.

The museum has a lot of information on the history of the steam train and the people who were involved in it. The displays are well put together with items like how a train is operated, the lighting, menus, and manners of dining during the era. It shows how much the industry has changed over time, as well as how the equipment is maintained and improved upon over time.