The Town of Whippany in Morris County, NJ

The Garden State is home to a diverse culture, thriving economy and top-rated schools. New Jersey is also renowned for its natural beauty, scenic shorelines and convenient location to major metropolitan areas. With a population of over seven million, New Jersey offers a fast-paced lifestyle for everyone from bustling cities to small, charming towns. New Jersey’s unique history is reflected in its rich variety of communities, including the historic township of Whippany.

The Town of Whippany was founded in 1676 and is a quaint township that is located in the northern part of Morris County, NJ. It is bordered by the Town of Parsippany and the Borough of Morristown.

Its natural resources include dense forests of virgin timber, fertile land, veins of iron ore and the power of the Whippany River. The river was harnessed by millwrights who built paper and paper-making, steel, and iron works. The earliest settlers were the Lenape Native Americans. They were lured to the area by abundant natural resources — the promise of dense forests of virgin timber, fertile land, and veins of iron ore.

In 1714, the provincial government created Hunterdon County by dividing Burlington County. During this time, the land that would become the township of Whippany was part of Hunterdon County. In fact, the original name of the entire land that became Morris County was “Whippenny.”

Whippany is known for its prestigious companies, like Bayer, Tiffany and Co., MetLife, Wegmans, and Barclays. The township is also home to the Morristown Airport and radio stations WMTR and WDHA. Moreover, it is the site of numerous historical sites and attractions such as the Whippany Railway Museum where they offer actual train rides including the Easter Bunny Express and the Pumpkin Patch Train. It is also the home of the 1718 Whippany Burying Yard which is the oldest cemetery in Morris County.

There are many things to do in Whippany, from shopping at the Town Center to dining at il Capriccio. The township is also home to the Seeing Eye Guide Dog School which was established in 1931 and is the first guide dog school in the United States.

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The Town of Whippany is located in the North Central region of New Jersey, just west of the State Capital. The Town is bordered by the Borough of Morristown to the east, the Township of Morris to the south and the City of Parsippany to the north. The main interstate highway is Interstate 287. The nearest major airport is the Morristown Airport which is the second largest corporate airport in the state. The township is served by three public libraries. The Whippany branch of the Morris County Free Library is located in the downtown section of the Town.