The Whippany Museum in New Jersey

The Whippany Museum is an exciting railroad museum and journey train ride found within the Whippany section of Hanover Township on Morris County, New Jersey. Established in 1857, this original New Jersey colony is the country’s only seven-station passenger railroad museum. You can take an excursion through this historic place. You can go to the Waverly Engine depots where you can view the engine from the ground as well as an actual locomotive pulling out of the depot. There are many other attractions as well that make this place a definite place to go to.

The Depot provides a great opportunity to have a close up look at some of the old structures while you’re there. Another popular attraction here is the New Jersey Performing Arts Center where you can enjoy theater productions and more. Here you’ll find two opera houses, two comedy clubs, two stage production halls, and other places to enjoy entertainment. You also have the option of dining out at some of the restaurants dotting the area. There’s something for everyone’s taste here.

The Garden State Tour is a great way to spend your days. You’ll see why it is called the Garden State because of all the gardens and landscapes you’ll see on your trip. You will travel from the beautiful Chesapeake Bay to the gorgeous Peekskill Mountains. You’ll go to West Orange and Saydon State Parks as well as Prather State Park.

The Catskills Aquarium and Botanical Garden offers many things for you to enjoy. There’s the Mad Duck Pond, an eight-acre lake where you can swim and see a variety of water creatures like herons, ducks, gray seals, fish and more. There’s also the Vermiculture Garden which offers flowers, trees, ferns and tropical plants. It’s an outdoor museum so be sure to get the kids involved with many of the activities.

When you visit the Whippany Museum, you have the chance to learn many interesting things about the people of Whippany, New Jersey. It features the home of the original settlers of the state, as well as the many pieces of the history of that era. You may learn how they lived from house to house, what their rights were, and the many battles that they fought in. You might also learn about the infamous “Millionaire’s Row” or the “Globe Theater.”

The Garden State Playhouse is another way to enjoy the Whippany Museum. This indoor amusement park offers lots of fun for people of all ages. They can go trick or treating, watch a dog show, go on the hayride, or even go to a costume party or a masquerade ball. There are many other things to do at the playhouse besides go trick or treating or watch a dog show. You can eat lunch or dinner there or grab a seat at the theater to watch a movie. There’s something for everyone at the Whippany Museum, New Jersey.