Things to Do in the Atlanta Area

The Whippanong Valley Railroad is the centerpiece of the main exhibit building at the railway museum. It includes a collection of vintage cabooses from historic railroad lines that served New Jersey and the metropolitan area. The museum also offers Excursion Train Rides that travel the historic Whippanong Trail. Excursion Train Rides are a 45-minute ride on restored vintage cabooses. There are also multimedia productions that help visitors understand the history and evolution of railways.

Nighttime operations at the railway museum give visitors a unique “time machine” experience that is not possible during the day. The restored neon signs will be lit, and the Union Pacific sign from Omaha will glow. The train ride will also provide excellent twilight photo opportunities. And, if you’re looking for an adventure, don’t miss the special family events and hands-on activities that take place throughout the year. This is the perfect way to experience the railway museum in a whole new way.

Located on a 16-acre site, this model railway is the largest in the world, with nearly 100 trains and eight miles of track. It also features an interior viewing area, which is accessible only for small children. The railway museum’s cafeteria serves snacks and refreshments. While you’re exploring the museum, be sure to pack a face mask. After all, you’re visiting the museum, not just to watch trains! And if you’re hungry, don’t worry!

If you’re in the area, don’t miss the Southeastern Railway Museum. It has been in operation since 1970 and is home to over 90 items of rolling stock. Visitors will find classic steam locomotives and Pullman cars. The museum is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and is designated Georgia’s official transportation history museum. Just make sure to dress appropriately for the weather and season, and bring a camera! They’ll be enthralled!

Passenger train rides are available at the railway museum. Many of the rides run on the original main line. Some of the rides even take place behind original steam engines. The museum offers self-guided tours every Saturday, and you can also buy a brochure with detailed descriptions of each railcar. This will give you a good idea of the various railcars on display. For more information, visit the museum website. You’ll find more information about visiting the railway museum in your local area.

If you’re planning a family visit to the Railway Museum, consider taking the whole family. Children can enjoy rides on small trains, which are modeled after real railway features. They’ll also be enchanted by the unique stories behind the objects. A visit to the Railway Museum is an excellent way to share a family holiday with friends and family. You’ll never be bored at the Railway Museum! Just bring your camera and enjoy the ride.

The Great Hall of the museum is the largest of the three railway sheds. In the late nineteenth century, the steam locomotive called the Mallard broke the world speed record for a steam locomotive. This record hasn’t been broken since then. The museum also has a special exhibition about the role of ambulance trains during World War I. The Flying Scotsman experience is a great way to learn about the history of the Flying Scotsman and how it helped save many lives.