Things to See at the National Railway Museum

railway museum

The world’s largest model railway is housed at this 16-acre site. It boasts nearly 100 trains and 8 miles of track, including 40-foot bridges that span a large canyon. Guests can also enjoy an outdoor train ride pulled by a replica steam engine. However, guests must be at least two years old and wear face covers. In addition, there is no public restroom on board, and trains only operate at reduced capacity.

Station Hall

The new Central Hall at the National Railway Museum is a striking new building which will sit in between the museum’s existing two exhibition halls. It is designed to connect the museum’s estate and create a new and attractive arrival experience. It will feature a new gallery which will introduce the museum’s world-class collection and showcase future acquisitions. More than 70 teams from across the world applied to design the new building. Five were shortlisted by the Jury.

North Shed

The National Railway Museum is part of the Science Museum Group, and it tells the story of rail transport in Britain and the impact it has had on society. Its collections are extensive and fascinating, and visitors can explore the history of rail travel, from the early days of steam trains to the modern day.

Flying Scotsman Story

The Flying Scotsman Story at York’s National Railway Museum will celebrate the ship’s engineering brilliance and explore the science of steam power. The attraction will use a themed physical environment, AV pre-show, and free-roam VR experience to bring the story to life. It will be a permanent offering at the museum.

Excursion in vintage coach cars

A Railway museum excursion in vintage coach cars is the perfect way to experience the history of rail travel. This trip is a unique experience that allows you to see the past while enjoying the beautiful scenery. The journey is 45 minutes long and includes a stop at the North Shed, where you’ll see many steam engines and railway items preserved in glass cases. Inside, you’ll also find a viewing gallery that offers a panoramic view of railway lines and engineer’s work areas. The museum’s collection includes the Flying Scotsman, and many more.


Volunteers at the National Railroad Museum work to restore historic cars and equipment. They work at the museum two or three days a week. Paul Koch, 79, is among the oldest volunteers. He painted a 1902 grain car and keeps coming back to work on the cars.


A visit to the Railway Mission of UK will give you an insight into the organisation’s work and mission. The museum traces the story of the railway company’s struggle against drunkenness and the ways it promoted temperance. The mission has been active for over one hundred years with railway workers and companies and continues to enrich the social history of the railways. The Railway Mission is a non-profit organisation, with no personal membership. It is run by local secretaries, who help members of the railway community by providing meeting locations, usually on railway land or on loan from the railway company.


Railway Museums are the most popular tourist destinations in India. These museums offer a unique glimpse into the history and culture of the country’s railways. These museums showcase historical documents, paintings, photographs and static exhibits. They also have a variety of antique and vintage furniture and items. With an estimated 05 lakh visitors every year, the museums are an excellent place to learn about the contributions of the Indian railways to the nation’s economy.