Top 5 Best Museums Around the World

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo, Egypt Among the largest museums in North Africa the Egyptian Museum contains nearly 120,000 antique artifacts and the world’s largest collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. The museum has been built on the site of a former ancient pharaoh’s temple, as well as an administrative center for the Pharaoh. The museum was built by the Egyptian government in an attempt to halt the rampant loot of several archeological and historical sites around the country. As a result, many of the original artifacts have been restored and display fine examples of both Egyptian and pre Pharaoh Egypt history. The Museum is one of the few Egyptian tourist attractions that have not changed much since the pharaohs ruled the country.

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The Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art – Luxor, Egypt Luxor is an ancient pharaonic art that predates written language. The earliest known paintings were made on pottery which was drawn by hand and may depict animals, birds and humans. The Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art occupies almost half of the hotel surrounding the southernmost section of the Luxor Temple. The museum contains two main sections, a residential area and an open air gallery. There are also public libraries, food courts, prayer areas, cafes and a conference center for businesses and organizations.

The Museum of Ancient Egyptian Statuary – Giza, Egypt The Museum of Ancient Egyptian Statuary is located inside the ancient necropolis of Giza in what is nowadays the suburb of Dokki. The museum exhibits a wide variety of ancient Egyptian statues created between the fourth and fifth centuries. Some of them are extremely large including large Khufuans and a statuette that is seven feet in height. Statuettes from ancient times are usually covered in jewels when they are created, as they would have been during the time of pharaohs. Statuettes in the museum include the earliest known example of a woman with a snake in her lap and another example of a colossal ibis. The ancient Egyptian religion associated with these statues makes them valuable to collectors.

The Museum of Ancient Egyptian Texts – Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt This museum is located in the old part of town. It is a very large museum that houses many artifacts of various cultures. The majority of its collections are based on the ancient period of Egyptian history although it has objects that span over a longer period of time. It houses many books and manuscripts that speak of different subjects but mainly of architecture and mythology. Some of its artifacts include pottery, gold jewelry, furniture, fabrics and jewelry.

The Museum of Ancient Egyptian Sculptures – Luxor, Egypt The museum’s vast collection consists of almost two hundred ancient Egyptian statues and sculptures. Most of these statues have been found in Luxor and other places in Egypt. They come from places like Upper Egypt, the Delta, Aswan and Saqqara. The biggest collection is from Khorsabad. This particular museum is housed in an ancient palace that was once the capital of ancient Egypt.

The Museum of Ancient Art – Stockholm, Sweden This museum was made to cover all the aspects of art. Art historians and others who are interested in ancient art visit this museum since it holds a large number of artifacts. This museum also houses many abstract paintings and sculptures. Some of these items date back to thousands of years.