Top Train Museums in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey has long enjoyed a rich rail history, with one of the nation’s first and most expansive railroad networks. Today, there are still many opportunities for train lovers to experience this fascinating part of our country’s history, including scenic train rides and rail museums. These train museums nj are among the best in the state and offer something for all types of train enthusiasts, from model railways to real locomotives.

One of the most popular train museums nj is Northlandz in Flemington. This massive display features up to 100 trains crisscrossing eight miles of tracks. The trains move through cities, villages, and carnivals, all nestled into incredible canyons and 30-foot mountains. There are also thousands of bridges and tunnels to explore, including a giant music hall with a live concert stage. The museum is also home to a 94 room dollhouse and an art gallery featuring more than 250 unique paintings and artwork.

The museum has been featured on major travel and news shows, including CNN, CBS, FOX, New York Times, and Business Insider. The attraction is family-friendly and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making it the perfect train museum nj for the whole family. The attraction has even been ranked as the best attraction in New Jersey by Travel Channel, and it’s easy to see why.

Another great option for train lovers in the state of New Jersey is the Whippany Railway Museum. This museum is dedicated to preserving the railroad heritage and history of New Jersey. Guests can get up close to a steam locomotive, which was the engine that made America’s industrial revolution possible, as well as tour a restored caboose.

In addition to these exhibits, the museum has a massive outdoor G-scale model railway track. The museum is open daily, and tickets are reasonably priced. Guests can also enjoy the museum’s gift shop and snack bar.

Another must-see for train lovers in the state of New Jersey are the railcars at the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal. The railcars at the museum are highly detailed and showcase how life on a train was once an elegant affair. Visitors can see all sorts of equipment that demonstrates how a train functions, as well as the lighting and dining equipment for a time when trains were a luxury form of transportation.

The museum also displays the world’s largest miniature train set. The trains crisscross a massive world-within-a-world featuring bustling cities, small towns, a planetarium, waterfall, and even a sasquatch. The set has been adorned with a stunning mural by street artist Elan, adding to the excitement and pizazz of the exhibition. There are also 48 buttons placed throughout the exhibit that activate sounds and other effects. It’s like a real-life Where’s Waldo book for train fans, who will spend most of their time trying to find the weird and wonderful surprises nestled within the landscape. The exhibition is an amazing display that is sure to delight anyone who loves trains.