Top Train Museums in New Jersey

From train stations and historic locomotives to model railroads showcasing a fantasy-land of tiny trains, New Jersey is home to a number of unique attractions for rail fanatics. Take a ride on one of the state’s many train excursions or visit a museum to learn more about the history of transportation in the Garden State. From a historic train terminal in the heart of NYC to an enormous freight house displaying locomotives and rail cars, these train museums nj will be sure to please all train lovers.

This non-profit museum showcases railroad artifacts with a focus on those with connections to the state of New Jersey. The collection includes a fully restored observation lounge car from the 20th Century Limited that ran between New York City and Chicago, plush tavern-lounge cars from the New England States Limited, railroad cabooses and a NJ Public Service trolley car. The museum also features a large flea market with vintage railroad and transportation books at bargain prices, as well as railway T-shirts, caps and lapel pins. A number of different train-related events and excursions are held throughout the year, including the popular Santa Trains that run from December through January.

The museum is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which is governed by representatives of several different New Jersey-centric railroad historical societies with the common goal of preserving key railroad artifacts and equipment of State and regional importance. Its collections are located in the Museum’s Green and Red Museum building and on its extensive outdoor display grounds which feature trains, signals, replicas of railroad buildings and a water tank once used to fill the tenders of steam locomotives.

Opened in 1965, this museum was originally opened alongside the historic Morris County Central Railroad, which operated steam-powered excursion trains that transported passengers to tourist destinations in the area. This museum is run entirely by volunteers and is an excellent example of how a small, non-profit can thrive through dedicated effort and the support of the community.

Visitors can tour the train cars inside and outside, and see demonstrations of how train equipment worked and was maintained in the past. The museum also has all sorts of different exhibits and displays that show the evolution of the train from a utilitarian mode of transportation to a sleek way of travel. The exhibits cover everything from the equipment used on the trains to their interior decor, and there is even a large section on train food and dining, complete with menus and manners that were in use in the days when traveling by train was more than just a quick trip between two cities.

Located right off Rt. 202 in Flemington, this unique museum is a huge hit with kids of all ages. Visitors can check out a huge, working Lionel train layout and exhibits featuring railroad memorabilia, as well as hundreds of dolls from around the world, including a 94-room dollhouse.

The museum has a number of themed train excursions throughout the year, including the Easter Express, Civil War encampment and Railroader’s Weekend. The museum is also open for special events and private charters.