Train Museums in New Jersey

train museums nj

New Jersey has a rich history with trains and other forms of transportation. Visiting one of these train museums nj is a great way to learn about the state’s railroad history and how it helped build our modern economy. There are a variety of different types of train museums in the state and they are all worth visiting.

Whippany Railway Museum

The Whippany Railway Museum is an excellent place to take the whole family and see how the rails used to work. This museum will give you a look into what it was like when the railroads were king. It will also show you how the rails opened up our country and how it was able to connect all the cities, towns and villages across the United States.

This museum is home to some very historic train equipment including a Conrail N-12 caboose and an original NYS&W ALCO type S-2 Locomotive that is on the National and State Register of Historic Places. They have a number of other exhibits and artifacts on display as well. They also offer a number of different events and special trips throughout the year.

Another great train museum to visit is the Northlandz train museum. This museum is home to a large model railroad that covers over 50,000 square feet and has 8 miles of tracks. There are hundreds of buildings and thousands of figures all around the track as it crisscrosses through mountains, bridges, and more. This is a great place for any child who loves trains or even just to take a walk around the building and look at all of the different things that are on display.

The train museum is located in Boonton, NJ and it is a perfect location for anyone who is looking to celebrate the history of the railroad in the state. The museum is free to enter and there are a number of historic railroad pieces on display. They also have some train rides that go through the park on a regular basis.

Last year the museum had a special excursion where they took their guests on a train ride through the Hudson River. These excursions are very popular and tend to sell out very quickly online. This is just a small part of what this museum does as they are trying to get funds together to eventually have a 50-acre train and transportation museum in the state of New Jersey.

The train museum in New Jersey is a great place to visit and it is a very unique place that has a lot of historic train equipment on display. It is a good place to go for kids and adults and it will definitely be something that they will remember for a lifetime. So be sure to check it out when you are in the area and it is a great day trip for anyone. You will never forget the experience that you had at this amazing train museum.