Train Rides For Kids NJ

train rides for kids nj

Train rides for kids nj offer a fun way to spend time with your family. These excursions allow kids to travel through different landscapes and experience history in a way that they’re not likely to have had the opportunity to do on their own.

There are many places to take your children on a train ride in New Jersey, and each one is unique in its own way. These train rides are sure to keep your child entertained and engaged throughout the day!

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Jersey City is a great place to bring your family for an exciting train ride. This nearly mile-long boardwalk is packed with exciting rides and attractions, including a Convoy Ride where your kids can drive their own train!

Black River & Western Railroad in Ringoes and Flemington is another excellent choice for family train trips. Located in Hunterdon County, this historic railway is home to many vintage steam locomotives. They run daily between Ringoes and Flemington, so there’s always a chance to catch one of these special trains!

Thomas’s A Day Out

Taking your kids on a train excursion with the beloved Thomas the Tank Engine is a must-have for any family trip to New Jersey. This event happens every summer, and is a perfect way for kids of all ages to meet the iconic character, as well as experience the thrill of riding on a steam train.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to see Thomas up close and personal while also experiencing the historic and scenic wonders of New Jersey’s natural landscapes. It also allows your family to bond over a common interest in the outdoors, making it the ideal activity for all the family.

Land of Make Believe

This amusement park is designed for children from two to thirteen years old, and their train rides are just as educational as they are fun! It’s set up so that you can be fully involved in the ride with your kids, which makes it a more enjoyable experience.

The NJ Museum of Transportation is a fantastic museum that offers fun train rides. This museum has several restored locomotives, and it features great views of central New Jersey!

Route 8 is a fun, historic train ride that’s perfect for families. It has beautiful scenery, fun restored railroad equipment, and plenty of entertainment for kids!

If you’re looking for a train ride for your kids that will keep them busy and have them begging to go back, check out Route 8. You’ll get to see some of the most scenic parts of New Jersey while also enjoying plenty of fun!

Van Saun County Park

If your kids are in the mood for some adventure, then check out this park near Paramus, New Jersey. This park is filled with activities for kids, and it’s also home to the Bergen County Zoo!

The NJ Museum of Transportation

If you have a child who loves history, then this is the perfect place for them to learn about it. They’ll have a blast exploring the museum, and they’ll even get to ride some of the oldest locomotives in the country!