Train Rides For Kids NJ

Whether it’s riding a real life locomotive or a small kiddie train at a park, kids are sure to love hopping aboard a creative train ride. Many NJ companies offer unique train excursions for children, including themed rides during the holidays and special events. Kids can also find miniature trains at local amusement parks like Wild West City, the Land of Make Believe and the Easter Bunny Express.

Most train rides for kids nj have additional activities to keep children engaged at the station and on the ride. This can help parents relax while their children have a fun experience. These extras can include crafts, games and coloring sheets. Some train trips also have a souvenir shop. Parents should check the train’s website to see what additional activities are available and plan accordingly.

A few things to keep in mind when booking a train ride for your child is the age restrictions and food/drink policies. Most family-friendly train rides will have a lower age limit, typically between 3 and 5 years old. However, the ages of passengers can vary depending on the ride and special event. Commuter train rides may have more lenient rules on food and drink because they have passengers commuting to work every day. Historic train rides with special seats and rail cars may have stricter rules due to the materials being used.

In the warmer months, families can climb aboard a train at the Whippany Railway Museum for an excursion that lets them admire the Northern NJ scenery from vintage cabooses. These railcars are restored to their original condition and give families a chance to step back in time as they hear the timeless sounds of trains chug away.

The museum also hosts special event train rides throughout the year for Easter and Santa. These special occasions are sure to be memorable for all who board.

In the winter, the Black River and Western Railroad offers magical train rides that let children relive the tale of the Polar Express. The one-hour train ride to the North Pole features a reading of the classic story, dancing chefs serving hot chocolate and cookies and a visit with Santa himself.

The Pumpkin Train is another seasonal favorite that takes kids to Pumpkin Junction. Once there, kids can pick their own perfect-sized pumpkin and decorate it for free. The ride also includes a corn maze, wagon ride and other fun fall activities. Families should make reservations ahead of time because this event is popular. The train ride runs through November and December each year.