Visiting a Rail Museum NJ

rail museum nj

The United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey (URHS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of historic railroad equipment of significant state and regional importance. It is a unique railroad museum in that its members, from all over the state of New Jersey, speak with one voice to preserve key railroad artifacts. The URHS rail yard at Boonton is the largest indoor workspace the group has ever owned and it houses dozens of train cars undergoing various levels of restoration.

A visit to a rail museum nj is not only fun for children but can also be educational and informative. In addition to a wide variety of trains and railway equipment, there are plenty of exhibits that will teach the history of railroads. This museum is also home to a collection of photographs and other artifacts from the past.

Located in the town of Whippany, Morris County, New Jersey, the Morristown and Erie Railway Museum offers visitors both a railway museum and excursion train rides. The museum is an excellent place to learn about the rich railroading heritage of the state and its role in bringing industrialization to America.

The museum has a number of different exhibits to offer, including an exhibition that is all about locomotives and the technology that went into making them. Another exhibit looks at what the trains were like inside, including displays of the menus and other things that would have been used in dining cars. There is also a section that shows how train travel evolved from just being an efficient way to transport goods to a form of luxury.

In addition to the main museum, there is also a small railroad park where guests can get up close and personal with the various locomotives and railway equipment on display. The park also features a miniature track and is a great place to take children for a fun day out.

The United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey (URHS) has recently purchased a new facility, which it will be opening in spring 2016. This facility will house the main museum and all of its many exhibits and will be a major asset to the organization as it continues to grow and expand. The new facility will allow URHS to further develop the railway yard, which currently is the largest indoor workspace that the organization has ever owned.

The URHS is home to the largest collection of New Jersey-centric railroad history and is well worth a visit. The museum is open to the public and free of charge. However, it is recommended that you make a reservation to ensure admission and avoid a wait. This is particularly important if you are planning to attend during a busy time of year, such as summer or holiday weekend. You can reserve tickets online or call ahead to confirm availability. You will need to show a membership card or other ID at the ticket booth upon arrival.