What is a Steam Train Museum?

steam train museum

A steam train museum is a railroad facility that has several large trains and other artifacts on display. Many of these museums are open to the public and offer a chance for people to see, enter and sometimes ride these railroad artifacts. Some of these museum are also used to teach about the history of railroads and how they developed the country.

The locomotive collection at the museum contains 19 steam locomotives and demonstrates how steam transportation technology evolved from the 1860s to its apex in the 1940s. The locomotives range in size from the diminutive Northern Pacific Minnetonka #1 to the massive Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range #227. Some of the steam locomotives are in operation, such as the William Crooks which pulls passengers on the North Shore Scenic Railroad.

There are many other artifacts and exhibits in the train museum such as a section of the first iron railroad bridge, the John Bull steam locomotive and much more. The museum has a very large diorama that recreates a rail yard and other facilities indispensable to railway transportation. The diorama is operated by an attendant and features model trains that are about 1/80th the size of the actual trains.

One of the best things about the museum is that it offers a chance for people to actually climb aboard several different trains. This gives them a sense of what it was like to travel by rail and allows them to experience the smells, sights and sounds of that time. This is especially fun for children since it helps them to understand the workings of a train.

Other exhibits in the train museum include displays on railroad culture and the ways that it has changed over the years. There is a section on the equipment that conductors use and even some of the things they wear. There are also displays on the types of meals that are served on trains as well as menus and dining etiquette.

Another great thing about the train museum is that it has one of the largest collections of steam locomotives in the United States. Its collection includes a UP Big Boy and an AT&SF 2-8-8-2. It also has several other large steam locomotives from the various railroads in the country.

The other main attraction at the train museum is a collection of historic railroad cars. Many of these are very rare and can be seen only in this museum. There are even some cars that were once in service for the famous Santa Fe Railroad.

The Whippany Railway Museum is located in New Jersey and is home to a number of historic railcars and exhibits. The museum is run by a volunteer organization and has an extensive collection of railroad artifacts. Many of these items are on display in the museum, while others are stored in a nearby freight house. The museum also hosts a number of events throughout the year. For more information, visit the museum website.