Whippany Actuation Systems

whippany actuation systems

Whether you are looking for a Gripper, a Rotator, or a Finger, Whippany has what you need. These actuation systems are perfect for your next project, and can save you time and money.

Annual revenue

Located in Whippany, NJ, Whippany Actuation Systems engages in manufacturing activities at this facility. Whippany Actuation Systems is an electromechanical actuation systems provider. The company delivers product quality, performance and maximum value to aerospace partners.

Whippany Actuation Systems primarily serves aerospace and defense industries. It manufactures highly engineered electric actuation solutions. The company employs a total of 236 employees at its single location. The company’s revenues are estimated to be $80 million. Its annual revenue is divided into aftermarket and commercial markets. It also manufactures a variety of aerospace electromechanical motion control subsystems. GE Aviation, Sikorsky and General Atomics are among the major military subcontractor companies in the Aerospace Electromechanical Actuation Division.

Annual staff

Located in Whippany, New Jersey, Whippany Actuation Systems (WASP) has been in operation for nine years and has a total of 236 employees. The company is in the business of manufacturing electromechanical and pneumatic actuators, control electronics and motor controllers. The company also manufactures flight control products and components for the military and aerospace industries. The company’s products are known for their high performance, high quality and long service life.

The company also manufactures a few other gizmos including linear jack assemblies, the flight control product for the new 737 MAX, and free fall sequencing actuation. The company also tries to maintain a diverse workforce and is committed to the “Equal Opportunity” motto. In fact, Whippany Actuation Systems is an “Affirmative Action Employer”.

Robotiq 2-Finger 85 Gripper purchase

Using a Robotiq 2-Finger 85 Gripper, you can pick up a wide variety of parts. It can pick up soft, hard and even fragile parts. This gripper has a high gripping force of 235 N and is compatible with all UR robots. It can be used in a variety of ways, including palletizing, assembly, and pick and place operations. It can also be used to make assembly operations more accurate, which is especially helpful when working with fragile parts.

The Robotiq 2F-140 is a great choice for high-mix pick and place operations. Its gripping force is capable of handling deformable parts, such as those found in the aerospace and automotive industries. It can also pick and place soft, or fragile parts, as well as parts of various sizes. It is also an ideal choice for applications that require high speed production.

Robotiq vs Universal Robots

Choosing between Robotiq vs Universal Robots actuation systems depends on the type of application. Robotiq offers grippers and other collaborative robots tools that are easy to program and easy to install. Universal Robots offers lightweight and flexible end effectors. They are easy to install, and they are customizable for your needs.

Robotiq and Universal Robots have been designed with ease of programming in mind. Programming is quick and easy, and you can find many examples online. There is also an extensive forum and other online resources.

Universal-Robots has developed a script language for advanced users. This script language is very intuitive, and can be used to program many applications. The Universal-Robots force mode can be configured to achieve torque precision of up to 5 Nm, orientation precision of up to 0.5 deg, and repeatability of up to +/- 0.1mm.