Whippany Actuation Systems and the UR10A Robotic

whippany actuation systems

Whippany Actuation Systems designs and manufactures proprietary aerospace electromechanical motion control subsystems for commercial and military applications. The Company offers rotary and linear actuation systems including control electronics, motors, high power mechanical transmissions and actuators. Whippany Actuation Systems serves customers in the United States.

Aircraft actuation is one of the most critical functions onboard any aircraft, controlling everything from adjusting flight control surfaces like the elevator, rudder, and ailerons to activating cargo or weapons bay doors and extending or retracting landing gear. Actuators are powered by a variety of sources, from manual signals transmitted with cables and rods to hydromechanical solutions that use the movement of a lever or handle to operate a control valve in a hydraulic circuit, filling and emptying cylinders to produce actuator movements.

With demand increasing for their specialized components, the 170 employees at Whippany Actuations Systems were looking for a way to increase production without sinking a lot of money into a new CNC machine. They looked into robots that could tend machines, but found that many of them were not suited to their high-speed, abrasive metalworking applications and required more guarding and safety features than they needed.

Enter Universal Robots and the collaborative UR10A, which was specifically designed for this type of work and offered Whippany Actuation Systems a safer and faster alternative to putting an additional employee on the line for every operation. The result is a robot that has been a huge success, freeing up an employee for other tasks and allowing the company to deliver parts even more quickly, reliably and accurately.