Whippany Actuation Systems Increases Production With Universal Robots

Whippany Actuation Systems designs and manufactures electromechanical motion control subsystems for aerospace and military applications. The Company’s products include control electronics, motors and high power mechanical transmissions, actuators, and complete assemblies. Aerospace end-use platforms served by the Company’s product offerings include commercial aircraft like the Airbus 380, Boeing 737NG and 777; regional jets such as Embraer; and helicopters such as Sikorsky SH-60 and S-92.

In order to provide the right amount of force, velocity and speed at the appropriate time, actuators on aircraft have evolved over the years from manual sources such as cables and rods to hydraulically and electrically-driven solutions. Additionally, because every ounce of weight and watt of energy used results in additional fuel consumption, it is important for these systems to be as lightweight and energy efficient as possible while still providing the required performance.

When demand for its electro-mechanical actuation systems began to increase, New Jersey-based Whippany Actuations Systems faced the decision to sink significant capital into a new CNC machine, outsource production or automate with Universal Robots. The company chose the latter option because of its lower cost and faster return on investment. By deploying a Universal Robot to tend their CNC machine overnight, the Company was able to meet increased demand and significantly increase production without the significant upfront capital expenditure of purchasing a new machine. Whippany Actuation Systems is headquartered in Hanover Township, New Jersey, United States.