Whippany Actuation Systems Introduces Robotic Automation to Its Manufacturing Processes

whippany actuation systems

Whippany Actuation Systems manufactures proprietary motion control subsystems for military and civil applications. With over 170 employees, this New Jersey company produces linear and rotary electrochemical actuation systems, as well as high-power mechanical transmissions and control electronics. These products are used to move machinery, equipment and vehicles across many industries, including aerospace. This company recently introduced automation to its manufacturing processes to better meet growing demands.

In order to achieve the increased production capacity they hoped to attain with their new robot, Whippany purchased Universal Robots integrated with Robotiq 2-Finger 85 Gripper. The system helped to increase the efficiency of their robotic operations, and it also freed up staff to focus on other tasks. Since this new system was installed, the company has been able to reduce costs and improve margins. Now, the CEO plans to reach a return on investment in under one year. By doing so, the company will be able to better serve its customers.

This company continues its tradition of planting flags in honor of veterans and active duty service members. It is located in Nutley, NJ. Founded by Marine and former Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Lech Sierpowski, this company is dedicated to delivering quality products and services to its customers. You can contact the company by visiting its website. Alternatively, you can send a direct message to the company’s CEO.

Thanks to this collaborative robot, the company is able to increase production and efficiency without incurring major capital expenses. The team has been able to improve the company’s margins, and they plan to insource more work due to the increased production capacity.