Whippany Actuation Systems, LLC

Whippany Actuation Systems, LLC designs and manufactures electro-mechanical actuation components, systems and subsystems. The Company serves aerospace and military markets. Whippany Actuation Systems is headquartered in Hanover, New Jersey.

When demand for a specialized part increased, New Jersey manufacturer Whippany Actuation Systems needed to increase production but didn’t want to sink a large investment into a new CNC machine. So they searched for an alternative that would allow them to bring their manufacturing in-house by introducing automation with a Universal Robots’-based solution.

Compared to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, electric motor-driven actuators require less energy to operate and provide greater accuracy with the ability to precisely control movement in complex dynamic manoeuvres. This is why many manufacturers are switching to electromechanical aerospace actuators.

Whippany Actuation Systems is firmly committed to equal employment opportunity and compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and related conditions), race/ethnicity (including traits historically associated with race including hair texture and protective hairstyles such as braids, locks and twists), gender, sexual orientation, religion, creed, disability (including physical and mental disabilities), age, marital or domestic partner status, veteran or military status, genetic information, and certain medical conditions.