Whippany Actuation Systems

whippany actuation systems

Whippany Actuation Systems is a manufacturer of electromechanical and proprietary motion-control subsystems for military and civil applications. Its range of products includes actuators, control electronics, and high-power mechanical transmissions. Whippany provides systems and products that are critical to the aerospace industry. These products are used in everything from aircraft to spacecraft. To find out more about the company’s products and services, read on.

Business unit manager

WHIPPANY ACTUATION SYSTEMS is a global leader in designing and manufacturing highly engineered electromechanical motion control subsystems for the aerospace industry. As a technology partner to the aerospace industry, the company is committed to driving innovation, delivering quality performance, and advancing the advancement of a more efficient, electric aircraft. For over 75 years, Whippany Actuation Systems has provided high-quality aerospace actuation systems that help make airplanes more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Electrohydraulic actuators

In industries where hydraulics and pneumatics are used, the installation of electrohydraulic actuators is a great way to improve efficiency and increase safety. The E2H Series electrohydraulic actuators are compact, self-contained units that eliminate the need for separate hydraulic pumps and hoses. They have a touch screen control panel that is available in a variety of models and can be mounted remotely. They are also capable of controlling multiple valves.

Mechanical failsafe capability

For over 75 years, Whippany Actuation Systems has produced electromechanical actuation systems for the aerospace industry. The company specializes in linear and rotary electrochemical actuation systems and employs over 170 people. In an effort to meet the growing demand for its products, the company looked at ways to streamline production. After researching robotic tools, Whippany’s manufacturing engineering manager turned to Universal Robots. These robotic machines can be programmed quickly and do not require traditional guarding. The result is a reliable, highly reliable system that delivers quality performance and safety.

High operating speed

Whippany Actuation Systems manufactures linear and rotary electrochemical actuation systems. Their company employs 170 workers and is facing increased demand for specialized parts. The company was looking for ways to increase production while reducing overhead. To make this possible, Whippany considered buying a CNC machine to do the job, or outsourcing the work to other companies. They ultimately decided to invest in automation.

Aerospace industry manufacturer

The Aerospace industry has long benefited from the advanced technologies offered by Whippany Actuation Systems. The company manufactures electromechanical motion control subsystems used in commercial and military aircraft. Their products range from control electronics to high-power mechanical transmissions to actuators. The company is an innovative partner that provides quality performance and advances the development of efficient, electric aircraft. To learn more about this company, browse through the links below.