Whippany Museum

Whippany museum is a great place to visit if you are interested in the history of trains in New Jersey. It is also a fun place to take the kids. The museum has a lot of different artifacts and exhibits that are interesting to look at. The best part about the museum is that it is free to attend. The staff at the museum is very friendly and knowledgeable about all of the exhibits and history of trains.

The museum is located in the town of Whippany in Hanover Township, Morris County, New Jersey, United States. It is a non-profit organization that preserves and exhibits historic railroad and train memorabilia. Its collection of artifacts is one of the largest in the state of New Jersey. The Museum is housed in a former 1904 freighthouse, the oldest such building of its kind. The Museum was founded in 1965, as the Morris County Central Railroad Museum, by a group of employees of the Morris County Central Railroad. It was the first railroad museum of its kind in the country.

Today, the Museum is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit Operating Heritage Railroad comprised of New Jersey-related rail and transportation artifacts staffed by Volunteers. Its Excursion Train Rides are operated as a fundraising effort to further enhance the Museum’s mission and historic preservation efforts.

Whippany Railway Museum is home to the largest collection of steam locomotives in the state, including Southern Railway No. 385, built in 1907 for fast freight service, and Texaco Fireless Cooker No. 7240, built in 1937 for industrial switching duty. The Museum also has a number of restored cars, including a Lackawanna Subscription Car #2454, and the Museum’s newest restoration project, Central Railroad of New Jersey Coach #1001.

The Museum’s unique setting and extensive collection of railroad memorabilia make it a must-see destination for railfans, history buffs, families, and school groups. Its location at the corner of Main Street and Route 10 in historic downtown Whippany provides an excellent opportunity to learn about local history while enjoying a ride on an excursion train.

There is so much to see and do at the museum that it could take more than a day to explore all of the exhibits. Some of the highlights include old train cars, old railroad signs, and even a small classroom that is set up to reflect what life was like during the early days of the railway. The museum has items ranging from clothing and furniture to tools and farming equipment. There is also early education equipment such as desks with ink wells and chalk boards.

Whippany museum is a hidden gem that should not be missed. The staff is very friendly and the exhibits are well-maintained. The museum is a great way to spend the afternoon and learn about railroad history in New Jersey. It is a good way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The only downside is that the train rides are not included in the admission price.