Whippany Museum of Art – Inflatable Artwork in the Garden of “The Big Apple”

The Whippany Museum is an exciting railway journey and railway museum located in the Whippany district of Hanover Township in Morris County, New Jersey. It is one of the most complete model towns preserved and recreated as a historic station. There are two main areas in the Whippany Museum; the Main Gallery on the East Branch and the Gift Gallery, which is on the West Branch. There are also galleries which focus on the New England countryside. Here you can find the largest collection of civil war artifacts in the entire world.

You can bring your whole family or take along some friends to enjoy this exciting and educational experience of visiting this historic site. The Whippany Museum has an excursion that takes visitors on a three-mile trip through the forest which is located just below the town of Hanover. Here you will get to see the history of the railroad and also a train depot that is almost two hundred years old. There are many fun activities that you can participate in such as riding the railroad, having a picnic, taking photos, and traveling on the whippany museum tour.

In the last train tour of the museum you will be introduced to the fascinating story of the departure of the first Whippany passenger train on its maiden voyage to Boston. This historic occasion marked the arrival of the railroad that would become the major mode of transportation in the New World. At the conclusion of this excursion you will be taken back to the whipping freight house where you can explore many of the vintage locomotives and have a chance to meet some of the original masons and engineers that made the trains run smoothly.

Other popular activities that you can partake in include riding the Thomas Creek and Valley Forge Railway which give you a chance to view some of the early American progress. You can also visit the Thomasville miniature railroad, which offers an opportunity to learn about the history of Thomasville, Virginia as it appeared in the past. The club car and tractor show offered by the Museum also offers an opportunity for you to view original model railroads that were hand built by Amish craftsmen in the late 1800’s up until the end of the civil war. One unique experience that you can join in at the museum is riding in a New Jersey steam train that goes through the tunnel that was constructed to connect Philadelphia and New Jersey via railroad. You will be one of the few people in the world to actually get to ride in one of these tunnels.

Another exciting excursion railroad in New Jersey that you can take with your family is the New Jersey Excursion Railroad. This unique and educational excursion takes you through five counties in New Jersey, where you will learn about each county’s past, present, and future. The five counties included in this particular excursion are Atlantic, Monmouth, Hunter, Ocean and Union. You will go on this great adventure and get to see unique species of birds, as well as gray foxes, chipmunks, and more. You will even go on a nature walk that takes you through a wooded nature trail where you can view amazing views and a variety of plants.

If you are looking for something completely different when visiting New Jersey then you should consider the Thomasville miniature railroad. You can take this excursion that will give you the opportunity to learn about the early life of the American pioneers and also have the chance to view beautiful old mining towns. Your entire family will love to go on this unique and educational trip and if you decide to go on another Thomasville Museum excursion you may be able to save money by visiting the Whippany Museum of Art and then booking yourself on a New Jersey Day Pass so that you can visit all of the participating museums in New Jersey for one low price. Now don’t think that this type of pass will only cover one visit to the museums but it will give you unlimited access to all of them for one full day.