Whippany Museum – Things to Do in Whippany, New Jersey

Whippany museum

There are many things to do in Whippany, New Jersey, and a visit to the Whippany museum will not disappoint. From trains to the local railroads, there is something for everyone to enjoy. From a special train ride to a museum with artifacts from the past, there’s something to do for everyone at the Whippany museum. Read on to learn more about the Whippany museum and its many attractions.

The Whippany museum is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation of the railroad history of New Jersey. The museum has an all-volunteer staff and educates the public through interpretive displays and excursion trains. It has been in operation since 1888, and has become an integral part of Whippany’s community life. To learn more about the museum, visit their website.

The Whippany Railway Museum is one of the best places to learn about the history of railroading in New Jersey. The museum was opened in 1965 and preserves historic railroad equipment and artifacts. Its exhibits feature restored 1904 freight house and classic wooden water tank. It also houses dozens of vintage railcars that once plied the tracks. It is recommended to bring your entire family and plan your visit around your schedule so you can enjoy every minute of it.

The Whippany Museum also has a steam locomotive that once operated stateside during World War II. This historic train will be restored by the museum and will be able to run on the rails. While a steam locomotive is not in operation at the museum, it will be on display if you visit the museum. The museum also offers other fascinating displays, including an old-fashioned steam locomotive and vintage cars. This museum is a great place for history buffs and trains lovers alike.

The Whippany Railroad Museum is situated on the site of the Morristown & Erie Railroad. This company was originally chartered in 1895 and operates freight rail service in Morris County and surrounding areas. While the railroad was once financially viable, it failed to meet its bond payments and closed the doors shortly after. Paper mill owner Robert W. McEwan eventually bought the railroad and continued operation. The railroad continued due to its proximity to mills and willing customers.

For a day out, take a trip to New York City. This cultural capital is a half-hour drive away. With lots of things to do and see, this city has something to please every culture lover. While the museum is the perfect place to spend a day, don’t forget to eat or take in a Broadway show! Soak up the culture while enjoying the scenic views of the Hudson River. While visiting Whippany, make sure to visit the nearby Bronx borough.

While visiting the Whippany museum, take time to ride the steam train. This steam excursion railroad operated in Whippany from 1965 until 1973. During this time, employees of the railroad formed the Morristown & Erie Freight House Museum. The Morristown & Erie Freight House, which was a part of the railroad’s freight house, was moved to the museum. Thousands of railfans flocked to the museum during its existence. Eventually, the railroad moved operations to Newfoundland, NJ.