Whippany, NJ is a Great Place to Live

whippany nj county

The town of Whippany is a suburban New Jersey community with highly rated schools, office parks, homes, recreational parks and a scenic river. It was founded in 1685 and is a part of Morris County. Its name derives from the Whippanong Native Americans who used to live there, meaning “place of willow trees”.

The residents of Whippany enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with access to all amenities that city living has to offer. There are many things to do in the area including shopping, dining and enjoying the beauty of the area’s parks and rivers. Residents can also enjoy a variety of cultural and entertainment options with the local museums, libraries and theatres. In addition, residents have easy access to commuter trains, buses and highways that allow them to easily reach NYC or other metropolitan areas.

Whippany is also home to the headquarters of numerous companies that are known for their innovation and success. These include the Whippany Paper Board Company that operated three paper mills, the Hanover Brick Company that mined clay and made bricks, and Bell Labs, which aired the first television broadcast in the world, pioneered radar, and invented solid state electronic circuitry. The population of the town was 8,364 in 2010, and its median household income was $59,616. The median home value in the town is $452,300.

Located in the heart of Morris County, Whippany is a suburb with a small town feel and a lot to do. Its location is convenient to everything in the area, and it has a high quality of life with excellent public schools, beautiful parks and shopping. It is also close to major highways and has low property taxes.

The town of Whippany is located within Hanover Township in Morris County, along with the unincorporated communities of Cedar Knolls and Parsippany. The name is derived from the Whippanong Native American tribe, and means “place of the willows”. It is located on the banks of the Whippany River and has a number of historical buildings and landmarks. Its historic district includes the Whippany Museum and the historic town hall. The town is known for its parks, which are used by the community for sports and recreation, as well as for concerts, art shows and holiday celebrations. It is also home to the yearly Whippany Fall Festival, one of the largest in the region. The town has several restaurants, a library, an opera house and two theaters.