Whippany, NJ, Is Home to Many Pests

whippany nj county

Whippany, NJ, is a charming town that blends historical charm with modern amenities. The community offers a variety of dining options for every palate. For example, the Whippany Diner is a local landmark that serves classic American dishes in a nostalgic setting. For those who are seeking a more refined experience, Il Capriccio offers exquisite Italian cuisine and a welcoming atmosphere. The town also boasts a number of parks and other recreational areas. Whether you are looking to relax with a cup of coffee in one of the many cafés, or get active on the pickleball courts, there is something for everyone.

Located in the heart of Morris County, Whippany offers easy access to downtown Manhattan and employment centers in northern New Jersey. Several major roadways pass through the town, including Interstate 287 and New Jersey Routes 10, 24 and 27. Newark Liberty International Airport is less than 20 miles away.

The town’s name derives from the Lenape tribe who inhabited the area. The word “Whippanong” means place of the arrow wood, but historians have interpreted it as meaning either the straight cattail stalks that grow in the meadowlands along the Whippany River or the native black willow trees that once grew there. The Hanover Township seal depicts a Lenape flanked by a pair of cattail stalks, a nod to the natural beauty of the town.

In addition to its proximity to metropolitan New York, the town offers a vibrant business and industrial base. The town is home to numerous corporations such as Bayer, Masda Corporation and PCF Corporation. It is also home to the historic Whippany Railway Museum, a popular destination that features train rides for children such as the Easter Bunny Express and the Santa Clause Train.

While the town has many amenities to offer its residents, it also faces the same challenges as any other New Jersey municipality. Pests such as cockroaches, bed bugs and termites have been known to infest homes and businesses in the area. When pests invade, it is important to call a pest control expert who can respond quickly and effectively.

A pest infestation can affect a home’s value, as well as its comfort and safety. Pests can also create damage to the structure of a building, leading to expensive repairs and replacements. In these cases, it is a good idea to consult with a pest control company in Whippany, NJ, which can provide a fast and effective response.

Whippany has several pest control companies to choose from, but it is best to work with one that specializes in the particular types of pests that are prevalent in the area. For example, Western Pest Services has almost 100 years of experience controlling pests in the region, and it has a team of experts who are familiar with the specific insect activity that occurs in this part of the state. For more information, visit their website today. A professional can help you keep your property safe from pests, while still enjoying the perks of living in the area.