Whippany Railroad Museum

Whippany museum

If you’re looking for a great way to spend an afternoon with your family the Whippany museum is an excellent choice. This unique museum is home to a number of antique train cars and is also a place where you can ride a real live train. The museum is located at 1 Railroad Plaza in Whippany and is open on Sunday afternoons from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

The museum is known as one of the best train museums in New Jersey and features a number of exhibits on the history of trains. You’ll find lots of information about the different types of train cars that were used in the past as well as how they worked. In addition, the museum has a number of old photos that help to tell the story of trains in the past.

Visiting the museum is an exciting experience for everyone in the family. This is because the museum has several different train related activities that you can participate in. Some of these activities include a model train ride, an interactive model train display, and a number of other exhibits.

One of the main attractions at this train museum is a large locomotive that was once part of a large rail line. This locomotive is an example of what steam powered trains were like in the past and it is very impressive to see. In addition, the museum has a large collection of other trains that are on display. You’ll even be able to see some of the old train depots that were once part of the system.

Another great thing about the Whippany museum is that it has a train that runs on certain days throughout the year. You can purchase a ticket and take a ride down the tracks and back. The ride is a fun and interesting experience for the whole family and it gives you an idea of what it was like to travel by train in the past.

During my visit to the museum I spent about three hours there because I was so fascinated by what I saw. I went on a tour with one of the volunteers and he was very detailed in explaining what each car was and how they were working. In addition, he was able to answer all of my questions as well.

If you’re interested in taking a train ride at the Whippany railway museum then make sure to book your tickets ahead of time. This is because tickets sell out quickly and the museum only offers train rides on specific dates during the year.

The museum is a non profit organization that relies on donations from the public to keep it operating. In addition, the money raised by tickets for train rides will go towards the restoration of the Central Railroad of New Jersey coach 1001. This project is currently in progress and your donation would be very much appreciated. A contribution to this cause is tax deductible.