Whippany Railroad Museum

Whippany museum

Whippany museum is dedicated to preserving the heritage and history of the railroads of New Jersey through the restoration, preservation, interpretation and operation of historic railway equipment and artifacts. It offers a variety of unique activities and experiences for visitors of all ages including exhibits and train rides. Located in the heart of Morris County, Whippany is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in trains and transportation history.

The history of the museum dates back to 1965 when it opened alongside the Morris County Central Railroad (MCC), a steam excursion railway. Several employees of the MCC banded together and formed the Morris County Central Railroad Museum, which started out by displaying a small collection of memorabilia in one half of the classic railroad freight house that was originally located directly alongside the stone passenger station building. In 1967, this freight house was moved across four sets of tracks to its current location at the Museum’s site.

Today, the Whippany museum is a non-profit organization that preserves and operates historic railway equipment and artifacts. The Museum also provides educational programs about transportation history to the local community. Its goal is to educate and inspire future generations of transportation professionals, engineers, and historians.

There are a variety of exhibitions at the Museum, which include locomotives, freight cars, a restored 1904 water tank, and an authentically decorated passenger coach. Each of the exhibitions is designed to show how transportation has evolved over time. The exhibits are interactive and feature a number of interesting artifacts and art pieces, such as the original schedule for passenger train travel from Morristown to Chicago.

Aside from the exhibits, the museum also offers a number of excursions throughout the year. These are great opportunities for families to take a ride on a historical train and experience what it was like traveling by train in the past. Excursions are also a way for the museum to raise funds to keep the railway running and expand its collection of exhibits.

Whippany railway museum is a non-profit organization that has been open since 1965. It has a long list of exciting attractions that will help you remember the good times you had with your family and friends. The exhibits and the scenic train rides are a great way to spend an afternoon in the area. You can even bring your children and grandchildren, who will enjoy the museum’s exhibits just as much as you. The Whippany museum has a lot to offer to the entire family and will make for an unforgettable trip. The memories you make here will last a lifetime. So go ahead and plan a visit to the Whippany museum soon! You will never regret it. The best part is that this museum is very affordable! For more information, please visit the website of the museum. Also, you can purchase tickets online and avoid the waiting lines by purchasing them in advance.