Whippany Railroad Museum

Whippany museum

Whippany Railroad Museum

When visiting the Whippany Museum, be sure to take a train ride! You can take a historic excursion to the top of the mountain for a scenic view of the area. In addition to a train ride, the museum is home to a railway locomotive. The train rides offer the opportunity to learn about local history. The museum is located in Hanover Township, Morris County. To learn more, you can visit the website.

The Whippany museum’s railway exhibits include vintage trains and restored railcars. It was founded in 1965 by the employees of the Morristown and Erie railroad. This attraction was built in the freight house of the former Morristown and Erie Railroad. The collection of rail and transportation antiques is fascinating. The museum also has an elegant passenger depot from the 19th century. The exhibits are interactive and can be enjoyed by families, individuals, and groups of all ages.

The Whippany railway museum opened its doors in 1965. It has the largest collection of American-built standard-gauge steam locomotives in the state. The Museum also has a restored 1904 Morristown and Erie Railroad freight house. The Whippany Museum is a great place to get a glimpse of the past. There are daily excursions available to take a ride on the train. If you have children, you can also take a tour of the railroad yard.

The Whippany Museum is open on Sundays only. Though the museum’s building is closed during the week, its property is open for public enjoyment. The trains are maintained by volunteers who are available to help out during the week. You can learn about the history of rail transportation by riding on the train. When you visit the museum, you can see the four coaches and the cab car #5119. This unique place is perfect for families and anyone who loves the era.

The Whippany Railway Museum was founded in 1985. It was founded by Morristown & Erie railroad employees and is home to the largest collection of American-built standard-gauge steam locomotives in the state. It also features two operating model train layouts and a gift shop. Visitors can enjoy a picnic on the grounds and enjoy the early 1900s atmosphere at this wonderful Museum. There are many things to see and do at the Whippany Museum.

The Whippany Museum features four historic steam locomotives, a train-themed museum, and a railroad-themed cafĂ©. You can visit the Museum on Sundays to see the preserved locomotives and the cab car. You can also check out the reconstructed buildings and model trains. The train-themed exhibits in particular are a great way to remember the history of your town. And if you’re an avid collector of railroad equipment, you’ll definitely find plenty to love at the Whippany Railway Museum.