Whippany Railroad Museum

Whippany museum

One of the closest railroad museums to New York City is the Whippany Railway Museum. This non-profit organization is dedicated to preserving the history of railroading and bringing it to the general public. Its efforts began in 1965 when Morris County Central employees began displaying a small collection of railroad memorabilia at Morristown’s Erie Freight House. Today, the Whippany Museum’s collection has grown to include more than one hundred pieces of history.

The museum is located in the historic Whippany passenger station. This stone structure houses a water tank from which steam locomotives quenched their thirst. The Museum is actively involved in the preservation and restoration of the historic structure. Members of the community have donated items to the museum, including a Lackawanna Railroad semaphore and order board. Cast iron signs were also donated to the museum, and members have restored them to their original glory.

The museum’s original building was in such bad shape, it was about to be torn down. The Morristown & Erie Railway agreed to rebuild the building. After extensive renovations, the Whippany museum’s collection was moved back to the site. In about a year, the museum was reorganized and reopened as the Whippany Railway Museum. Its new name is a nod to the original museum’s name.

The museum is located in Morris County, New Jersey, and aims to teach visitors about the history of trains and the original form of mass transportation. The museum’s events and exhibits are popular with children and adults alike. In addition, the museum offers regular train rides. So, whether you’re looking for a date with the family, you’ll find a unique date at the Whippany museum. The Whippany museum has something for everyone, from history buffs to nature lovers to families with children.

For history buffs, the Whippany Railway Museum is the place to go. This NJ museum features restored railcars and vintage trains. The Whippany Railway Museum is home to the largest collection of American-built standard gauge steam locomotives. The museum also features the world’s oldest steam locomotive, which dates back to 1867. Excursions run throughout the year, and rail enthusiasts will enjoy strolling through the elegant passenger depot. The museum also offers restroom facilities and a picnic area.

The museum also showcases the history of railroading in Morris County. It also features historic advertising signs for Anthracite coal, which was a commodity for many New Jersey railroads. There is even a Whippanong Valley Railroad in the museum’s current exhibition, which includes interactive accessories. A visit to the Whippany museum is an experience unlike any other. It will enrich your knowledge of the region’s history, and provide a memorable day for the whole family.