Whippany Railroad Museum in New Jersey

rail museum nj

Whippany Railway Museum is dedicated to Preserving the Heritage and History of Railroads in New Jersey and the surrounding area. The Museum houses over a dozen historic railroad cars and a 1904 freight house. They also offer a number of train excursions throughout the year. The museum is great for adults and children alike!

This museum has many interesting artifacts that are all displayed behind glass. You can see how trains used to work, and learn all about the equipment that goes into operating a train. There is even a section on the dining car that shows you the menus and manners from a time when rail was a form of luxury travel.

The museum is home to a large locomotive that was once owned by NJ Transit. This locomotive is a GP40PH-2 No. 4101, one of the original 13 passenger steam heat-equipped locomotives purchased by the state in 1968. The GP40PH-2 has been restored to its former interim NJ DOT paint scheme, which it wore from about 1979 until NJ TRANSIT created its own identity in the early 1980s.

There is an extensive collection of railroad and logging artifacts on display at the museum as well. Some of these are on loan from the Smithville Historical Society, while others were donated by the museum’s members. The museum is constantly expanding and updating its collection, making it a valuable resource for any interested train buff.

While visiting the train museum, you should make sure to stop by the Car Barn. The car barn is where a lot of the equipment that you saw in the museum is housed. It is a huge space with many different pieces of railcars in various states of repair and disrepair. The car barn also contains a variety of other equipment such as railroad maintenance vehicles and steam locomotives.

If you’re looking for a fun and educational family outing, the Whippany Railway Museum is the place to go. The trains are beautiful and the staff is friendly. They’ll help you take pictures and answer any questions you may have.

When you’re done at the museum, you can head over to Northlandz for a day of fun and excitement. This amazing model railroad museum is home to over 100 trains crisscrossing over 8 miles of track! It is also one of the largest model train museums in the world, with thousands of cities and towns nestled into canyons and over 40 foot bridges.

The Railroad Station Museum is filled with a variety of historical artifacts from the railroad, cranberry and blueberry industries as well as local history. The exhibits are beautifully designed and give you a glimpse of life as it was in the past. The museum is run by volunteers and funded by donations from the community, so be sure to support them!

The museum has a small gift shop that sells some railroad themed items. You can also get a bite to eat in the cafe.