An Overview of the Museum Various Sites in Egypt

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An Overview of the Museum Various Sites in Egypt

People from all over the world travel to Egypt each year to see the Egyptian Museum. This is the largest museum in Egypt and is dedicated to all things Egyptian. The Egyptian Museum has many different sections including the Pharaoh’s House, Royal Tombs of Tutankhamun, the Karnak Temples, the Luxor Temple, and the Cairo Museum. The tour starts in the southern part of Cairo near the Talaat Harb but can be extended to the city center. It is a great experience for visitors to this part of Cairo.

After entering the museum tourists will notice that it is not just an ordinary museum, there are many artifacts that exhibit very well in the museum. The museum has two main entrances, one is through the southern entrance and the other is through the northern entrance. Visitors need to enter the museum through the southern entrance first and then they will have easy access to the other sections. The north side of the museum has many different sections, including the Karnak Temples, the Cairo Museum, and the Egyptian Royal funerary facade. To get to the Temple of Karnak visitors should enter through the northern entrance first and then walk up the ramp past the bust of King Tutankhamun. After paying the entrance fee they can enter into the Temple of Luxor.

The interior of the museum consists of a large number of exhibits. Each exhibit hall is composed of different artifacts that can be viewed in individual displays. There are also several large floor to ceiling glass windows displaying sculptures of various Egyptian gods and goddesses. To further enhance the museum experience visitors can also take tours of the various parts of the museum by taking a ride on a steam train. These steam tunnels are part of the reconstruction process of the Karnak Temple and also display other artifacts and illustrations of ancient Egyptian art.

The modern art gallery inside the museum allows visitors to browse through a large collection of art works, sculptures, ceramics, metalwork, and other objects. The modern art gallery is home to one of the largest collections of modern art in the world. One can find an abundance of modern art galleries throughout Egypt. In addition to the modern art gallery, visitors can visit the various temples, tombs, and monuments that span the country. The Luxor Museum attracts an extremely large number of domestic and foreign visitors, from tourists who want to take a holiday to the region, and businessmen who are looking for new opportunities in the country.

The archaeological area of the museum houses many ancient Egyptian artifacts that provide information about various periods of Egyptian history. These museums also contain a large amount of public information exhibits regarding archeology and Near East Studies. The Giza Museum, Menagerie, and the Egyptian Museum are all major attractions for tourists annually to the region. Other popular museums that are well known among tourists yearly include the University of Paris, Saachi in Shimla, and the National Museum in Delhi.

One should also not miss the opportunity to go on a tour to the various towns and cities in Egypt. Each of these towns houses one or more antiquities, which attract visitors from all over the world. For example, the town of Alexandria houses one of the five surviving libraries of the ancient world. Furthermore, there is the southern city of Luxor, which is also home to numerous archaeological sites. The museum of Ephesus houses one of the largest collections of ancient Roman antiquities.